Default controls feel really awkward for Hunter

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It took several games before I really started to get a grip as Hunter, and a big reason for that is the controls. The default controls make it so your character sprints all the time, so if you happen to be chasing a Scavenger, then every time you try to take a shot, there's a moderate delay before the shot actually happens. This makes it extremely awkward to confirm kills or do any decent amount of damage to a Scavenger; I didn't get a single kill in my first two games, due in no small part to this.

And binding the Walk button to Left Alt just feels awful. On my keyboard, my hand can't reach Left Alt while my fingers are on WASD unless I let go of the spacebar (Which is generally not a good idea when jumping is so important in this game). Otherwise, I have to move my entire hand just to press it.

So, if you're playing Hunter, I think your character should not sprint by default. Sprinting needs to be bound to a key, preferably one that you can reach while your fingers are on WASD and the spacebar. And since you will often be using Overcharge while sprinting, jumping and moving, all of the necessary keys to do that should be within reach of your fingers by default.

And finally, this is more of a personal preference, but having Recycle be bound to Q just feels awkward. To me, it makes more sense to have Recycle bound to E, like most other interactions in the game. I bind Execute to R instead.


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    I agree that recycle bound to Q is annoying. E & R were better for the default keys for Recycle & Execute. I have a couple of extra buttons on my mouse so I've bound them to them instead now.

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