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With new players joining the Closed Alpha every day, we felt it was the right time to share basic tutorial videos - one for the Runner and one for the Hunter. Before entering the 'Garden', we recommend you watch both.

With the game being in Closed Alpha, there are some game mechanics that aren’t necessary well-featured when picking the game for the first time. This will be improved in future live phases and we will be working on onboarding videos for new players. Meanwhile, check out a couple of important tips below that will improve your experience when playing.

Runner tips

  • Hiding grass is your friend. Crouching in it gives you a distinct advantage against what the Hunter can see.
  • If you are downed, you can revive yourself by finding and interacting with a Health Crate.
  • Powered Vambrace Slots (Stun, Hunter Reveal, etc) do massive damage to Hunter constructs (Mines, Turrets). The area of effect of the Vambrace shots also applies damage – you don’t need to hit them directly!
  • Caltrops: ‘Caltrops’ are powerful traps that remains on the ground for a duration. They are based on your Runner Role. Purchase ‘Caltrops’ at the Weapon Upgrade Station just like Vambrace Powers. Pressing ‘F’ (default) deploys your equipped Caltrop.
  • Intelli-Comms: Pressing ‘Q’ (default) provides a contextual message to your teammates through chat – if there are no important messages when using it, a tip will appear in the chat (only you will be able to read the tip).
  • You can ‘gift’ Upgrade Parts by pressing ‘E’ (default) next to a teammate.

Hunter tips

  • As a Hunter, pressing Q to stomp will reveal any hidden Runners lurking in the grass.
  • After downing a Runner, deny any nearby health crates to prevent them from reviving themselves.
  • Arming the blood post with mines or turrets will buy you precious seconds to finish an execution.


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