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1. An 'open' / 'Transparent' view of the reported, accepted & 'currently being fixed' bugs
2. An 'open' / 'Transparent' development plan

Clarifying my use of 'Transparent'
A public view of your intentions with regards to the games future, your intended milestones both guaranteed & 'on hold' (aka idea's that you're playing with) what's being worked on, accepted/rejected suggestions/bugs/features etc

A great example of what I'm calling 'transparent bug reporting' is dungeon defenders 2:

A great example of what I'm calling 'Transparent development' is the use of something like trello:

My Reasoning
Transparency on development progress and vision is something that will really help ease a lot of minds. There are a lot of unhappy people on the forums and steam. I'm sure you're aware of the biggest complaints and have some plans / ideas in the pipeline. What I don't see is any communication or intent on your part to change, alter or redesign certain aspects of the game that are clearly causing frustration. This is a big mistake. If players know that you're working on something and can see that you're listening to them it makes a huge difference. It gives you, the dev team, a chance to be given a chance.

Additionally it helps reduce duplicates, manage your development priorities, centralises reports (instead of having some on steam, some on forums etc), maintain consistency and a whole host of other benefits

Other suggestions
Steam does not reflect the bug report post by Katie on the forums, which is to report bugs here:

My only Question
Is this something you're willing to set up & use?


This post can be viewed on steam or the forums:


Thanks for reading


  • RykariRykari Member

    It would be nice if a member of the DG:BH team can respond to this

  • MarilouBHVRMarilouBHVR Administrator, Dev admin


    thank you for your suggestions! Everytime we do get bugs reported on Steam, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the Forums, we try to reply when we make a log, but we have our own internal tools to centralize, prioritize and manage these things. While these ideas are great, setting up extra tools like Trello for bug fixing don't seem like it, but these are time consuming tools that we don't currently have the manpower to manage and update.

    We are currently talking about every intent on social medias, DG Insider, blog posts/dev letter and patch notes when we can, but since we're in early development phase (Early Access), some things change until the last minute, and it makes it hard to communicate on everything.

    We try to be as transparent as possible and we wish to implement more tools and be able to communicate our intent in the future.

    Hope this clarifies things!

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