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  • filipanefilipane Member

    Will be in game choice to play as killer with friends ?
    Will be in game some statistics ??

  • DeathDongerDeathDonger Member


    i truly think that if you guys add some more things to grind for it would be more enjoyable.
    some further tweaking to both the scavs and hunter would be great.

    you guys are doing a good job so far. 50+ hours and counting! glad to see the game isnt dead anymore.

  • filipanefilipane Member

    @Jinxeu said:
    Oh boy, here we go,
    (Note those are all my own experience playing this game since the free weekend started)
    1. Instant executions need to go. There should be a mechanic around it, it shouldn't be as easy as down the scav once and press a button. I just got off 3 matches in a row where the hunter executed immediately, and why shouldn't they? The reward they get for leaving a scav is so irrelevant, nobody cares about it. They have instant executions and they WILL use it doesnt matter if the game started 10 seconds ago. Scavs either DC or stop playing objectives after they see the hunter is instant executing. After 3 matches like this in a row i just got burnt out and stopped playing for today.
    I'm not a game designer but i think making them "trap" the scav for the first time is better than executing when the scavs haven't even delivered 30 blood....
    2. Too much of everything. The amount of tools spawned every match is too much on both sides, makes marking entirely pointless when you have 4 blue crates, 5 yellow and 8 health packs all in 5 meter radius. If marking didnt give points i think no one would do it. Drones covering the entire map, so much drones they overlap or cover the same exact area because it happens 3 drones were spawned next to each other. I watched a streamer troll and went activated every drone, the entire map was red the scavs had literally nowhere to go. Scavs on the other hand use cameo or fog then jump from 1 blue to the other and continue spamming, the hunter has 0 counter play other than guess which of the 6 blue crates they're taking while in cameo... makes being smart with your power pointless because you can refill it during chase and the hunter can do 0 about it.
    3. More perks, some characters, esp Sawbones, have very weak perks and in solo Q where no one cares about coordination, playing her is like asking to be killed. I'd love a Teachable perks system, where if you max that said perk on the character it comes with, it becomes available for purchase for other characters. Players can now play the character they like the most with a build that suits their playstyle.

    For first sorry my eng.
    Next I disagree with you about instant execution bcs i play scav and i had maybe 70%winnrate i know nowhere is statistics but i dont loose much but yes its on hunter when i play hunter i have maybe 90% winnrate but sometimes its still extremely hard to win even i have instant execution.
    Next you thing too much drones but if scav know how to play you never have enought drones trust me :D.

    edited June 2019

    The result of reworking the game has become great.
    One thing will stay the same:

    From my point of view the game principle aims at extreme results. That's ok, but I won't be surprised if it leads to many situations where people just give up because they don't see a chance.

    I also think that there are huge differences that cannot be balanced out. A professional player seems to have an easy game, no matter on which side he plays.

    For me, who plays the game for fun, it's relatively hard. This may also be due to my equipment. I'm not sure.

    It would be nice if matchmaking distinguishes between professionals and non-professionals.

    I rarely see a chance for the last scavenger. It takes too long until the exits are available. From my point of view, you are exposed a bit too quickly.

  • ZephoursZephours Member

    First off, I wanted to say how amazing the team has been and thank them all for completely reworking the game and putting so much time into the new design! Well done! I'm definitely enjoying the game again, although I'll miss some of the old game-modes. Maybe We'll be able to see them or something similar again in the future?!

    A lot of players are having frustrations against Active Camo and instant executions, so I wanted to throw out an idea I had for both. For Active Camo, the idea of a 'shimmer' affect (as the player goes invisible, after, and/or during) may help alleviate some of the annoyance some of the players feel while playing against it. Or, improved invisibility as the perk is upgraded rather than total invisibility at the early stages of the perk. Spreading out the crate spawns might also help.

    As for instant executions, perhaps the Hunter could start an interaction with a downed Scavenger that starts a short timer that ultimately kills once the timer runs out. This allows fellow Scavengers a better chance to try and help, although I believe instant execution should stay once the exits are open, similar to how it used to be before the Bloodharvest update.

  • SkySky Member

    Hey my Name is Sky.... Im one off the Playtesters and I thought it would be a great improvement for the gamefeeling if you could open the in-game Scoreboard while running!

    Ps: Sry for posting two times the same Massage didnt saw that I have to comment here :)

  • CyanisticCyanistic Member

    A good deal of scavengers aren't too happy with instant executing. However, I believe that the ability to instant execute isn't a problem in itself. Rather, we should push for a stronger incentive to not immediately kill.

    We can do this via one suggestion I've seen floating around, being discussed among others and it goes like this:

    The more you down, the slower exit gates appear in blood mode.
    The less you down, the faster exit gates appear in blood mode.
    It's simple, it makes sense, and it can make the hunter feel like they've still got a chance during blood mode when there's more than just one scavenger.

    Another suggestion is on camo. While I think camo is fine on scavengers, a lot of hunters find annoyance in it. Similar to executing, I don't think we should target the ability itself but provide countermeasures to it. I think that electrocuting a scavenger should leave lingering particles on them.

    This allows camo to still be good and still do what it's supposed to do while providing a means to counter it if the hunter gets close enough to snag them with a shock. You can even go beyond this and add an outer region to the shock, perhaps as a perk where scavengers will receive the electric particle debuff that sits on their model making them more obvious but not damaging them. It's all spitball ideas.

  • CyanisticCyanistic Member

    Also make the mean intercom lady say thousands of other lines, I sometimes leave the game on in the background and hear her tell me what a horrible person I am if I'm a scavenger and how great I am (if I do good) if I'm a hunter.

  • KebekKebek Member

    I think that DG should get ranked mode as soon as possible.
    Ofc casual search for match is pretty good too but having another option for more serious gameplay would be neat.

  • generalstevegeneralsteve Member

    I am a long time player, since before soft launch even, and this new update ruined the game in my opinion. It's not unfixable, and here is what I think is wrong with it. The hunter must kill the scavengers to win, but the scavengers don't need to collect blood to win. This makes the whole match feel pointless because the exits open when the timer runs out or when enough blood is collected. Collecting blood and scavenger/hunter "domination" does absolutely nothing. If this issue is fixed, and true win conditions are given without so much subjectivity, as well as deciding for yourself what a success and failure is, I would fall in love with this game all over again. Until then, I will not be playing anymore Deathgarden.

  • CyanisticCyanistic Member

    I'd also like the ability to chat at the end with both sides and not immediately get sent back to the locker room.

  • GreyCoyoteGreyCoyote Member

    oh, im sorry, i didnt saw that this thread was official / pinned, so i made a post, my bad

  • firstrecon5firstrecon5 Member

    Rather than copy-paste from the thread I already made, I'll link to it but also post a TL;DR (minus my mention of bugs), I've also added new stuff and removed some other bits, if anyone wants more details on something, check my old thread before posting a question in here, the different wording might answer your question. I'm trying to keep character count down so explanations/arguments will be short (if present at all).

    General Quality of Life:
    -Have resources earned appear at same time as XP is tallied, rather than after
    -Continue where XP tallying left off if you switch away from progress screen & back
    -Chat continues on Progress screen
    -Match Quit penalty
    -Give a short grace period (10-20s) to allow another to join if a player quits before match start rather than ending (Hunter DC), or starting short a player (Scavenger DC)
    -Reduce volume or mute main menu room when game is not focused
    -Preview (Prestige/unowned) cosmetics in 3d, on the character model
    -Add a tutorial (not tip popups)
    -Allow players to read all the current tips tutorial popups from the menu
    -Put Crouch-hold and Aim-Hold in Scavenger/Hunter options, rather than shared.
    -Add Scoreboard Hold option & allow movement/play (but at least basic directional movement) while scoreboard is up
    -Let us view our loadouts during match (when rushing challenges and switching loadouts repeatedly, players might forget what perks they even have equipped)
    -Reduce resource cost of high level (9-10) upgrades /or/ increase resource payout
    -Reduce cost of prestige from it's current price of 10k of a single resource

    Scavenger QoL, Balance & Beyond:
    -If Scavengers are in a party together, have them see eachother in a different color outline instead of white (for example, green when normal, purple when highlighted)
    -Let Scavengers see what abilities other Scavs have equipped (at least during lobby), even if just as an icon next to their name
    -Make Clones able to climb, even if it's only "when your bolt hits within X meters of the top of cliff wall, they climb up instead of dropping"
    -Make Clones prefer to avoid user if user remains stationary for several seconds (short distance, only 2 or 3 meters should be fine)
    -Make Clones get spotted by drones / blood mode somewhat independently of their user (if user is highlighted Clones are too, but if user is not highlighted and Clones are within a highlight area, the Clones will be highlighted (at least during blood mode))
    -Give feedback to healers if their Heal bolt revive was blocked because the Hunter was executing
    -Differentiate Highlights caused by arrow marking & perk marking (such as sudden insight) (white dotted line)
    -Allow Scavs to refresh marks on Blood Deposits
    -Show highlight to Scavengers when it's concealed by Active Camo or Smoke Screen (dotted red line)
    -Increase Smoke Screen area that blocks highlights (might be unneeded once it's fixed, blocking area seems buggy)
    -Make Smoke Screen not block highlights (crates, objectives) from user & other Scavs
    -Add quick-chat message wheel or VGS system (Smite & Paladins use a VGS system)
    -The perks related to being in the bleedout state need some buff/reworking, since most Hunters insta-execute, they don't really give much bonus
    -When at the Character change terminal, display stats for Exclusive Perks (currently only regular perk stats are displayed, to view Exclusive Perk stats you need to switch to that character and enter loadout view)
    -Add other forms of parkour besides climbing (wall running, for instance)
    -Improve climbing onto the top of thin walls of structures (the tops of some walls are wide enough to stand on, but the climbing animation moves you too far forward and launches you over the other side, forcing you to perform it at corners or jump if you want to climb up)
    -Make downed Scavengers get highlighted by drones

    Hunter QoL, Balance & Beyond:
    -Once Blood Mode activates, remove Power Core counter from HUD
    -Hunter specific Execution animations
    -Add 'deployed constructs' counter, takes several seconds to update if one is destroyed not in immediate vicinity of the Hunter (delay is to prevent use as 'radar' by only putting construct at one location and waiting for it to die)
    -During construct deployment, display range of it (activation range for mines, detection range for turrets)

    Game Balance & Mechanics

    Blood Mode:
    -Scavengers can continue to collect blood during blood mode (but the deposits are gone)
    -Once both pulses have reached a Smoke Screen, the highlight blocking area quickly shrinks to nonexistence (over the course of 1, 2, or 3s).
    -Once both pulses have reached a Scavenger, any Smoke Screens created by that Scavenger will block highlights initially, but the highlight blocking area will quickly shrink to non-existence (over the course of 1, 2, or 3s).
    -Once both pulses have reached a Scavenger, Active Camo is cleansed (Active Camo can be reapplied, but with reduced duration (1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 total duration))
    -Once both pulses have reached a Scavenger, the effects of Heals and Shields that they create or are applied to them, will have reduced effectiveness (2/3, 1/2, or 1/3 total effectiveness) or extended/reduced duration (heals & shields respectively (Heal heals the same amount, but takes longer; shield blocks the same amount, but expires sooner)).
    -Once both pulses have reached a Scavenger, any Clones they create have reduced duration (2/3 or 1/2 total duration)
    -Once both pulses have reached a Clone, it expires faster (2/3 or 1/2 remaining duration)
    -Once both pulses have reached a crate, it takes increased time to be opened by Scavengers (excluding Golden Crate & Blood Piles)

    Drone Changes, do one or several of following (ordered in what I think is best-to-worst):
    -Add new drone types, thereby reducing the amount of any single type that spawns and improving match variety (types listed below this list)
    -Reduce either vision area or spawn count and make them patrol
    -Make them recharge (turn off) after certain time active, they reactivate automatically when fully recharged (several seconds later)
    -Change drone spawn pattern to reduce severe overlapping & total walls
    -Reduce the number that spawn
    -Cap on how many can be active

    New Drone Types (not ordered):
    -Smaller drones with reduced vision area, these patrol (and maybe follow you for short distance if detected)
    -Stationary camera drones attached to terrain features (such as trees, cliffs, or buildings), completely different vision cone shape from current drones (maybe pan the camera around too)
    -Tower drones with a 360 degree sweeping laser (that's possibly blocked by terrain). If the laser touches you, you get highlighted for a duration
    -Drone 'Hive' with wide area that reduces the time it takes for the 'stationary' drone to come sit on you if you're within area
    -Manually activated pulse generator; costs power core(s) every time you use it. Sends out inactive grey pulse across entire arena, once it reaches full map coverage, it activates (turns red) and shrinks back to source, highlights anyone touched during return for very short time (1-2s). Hunter must stay nearby or it ends early (no refund). Pulse has same speed and appearance as the pulse originating from exit gates during Blood Mode.

    Execution Changes:
    -Hunter has 'Blood Meter', a 2 segment bar on HUD (an Exclusive Perk could increase it to 3)
    -Executions cost 1 segment to perform, except during Blood Mode
    -Progress on segment is gained by interacting with downed Scavengers and "draining their blood" (not the blood they carry (A perk could make this also drain blood they're carrying))
    -While 'Draining', neither character can move or shoot (like during execution channel)
    -But the Scavenger can still be revived as normal while the Hunter is 'Draining' them
    -If Scavenger is revived while the Hunter is 'Draining' them, the Hunter immediately gets one full segment (or a significant chunk of progress)
    -If Hunter has more than one segment, they can still choose to drain blood instead of executing
    -If Hunter wants to release them for the xp multiplier, they can still drain their blood now so they don't need to do it later
    -[possibility] Hunter has a special Blood Deposit, where they can empty their 'Blood Meter' for xp/resources

  • NapalmStrikeNapalmStrike Member
    edited June 2019

    Here are some issues I have with the game thuse far.

    First one has to do with turrets/drones and how they affect the flow of the game.

    Some hunters focus the first half of the match to building turrets and drones, resulting in a very easy first half of the match (since the hunter is too busy building his army and not looking after you), and a very tedious second half (since there are quite literally drones everywhere and turrets/mines near bloodposts making it extremely hard to navigate), at which point it becomes a game of destroying drones and turrets rather than avoiding the hunter. So you tediously and meticulously gather the bloodpoints, take down the turret, take down the drone, spend the blood, destroy the drone before it gets reactivated, get out, rinse and repeat. Late game stuff is very rarely about the hunter seeking you out and having to hide, and much more about turret and drone management. And in some instances, it can get to the point where you can't even complete the objective anymore and have to wait the timer out so you can then leave.

    I would recommend maybe shifting the power from the turrets and drones and unto the hunter himself. Maybe turrets could take longer to repair, but the hunter's stamina bar takes less time to recharge. That way the HUNTER himself can put more pressure on the map by having better mobility, and scavengers don't have to play "shoot the drone" for an entire three minutes of a near-end game phase.

    I would also like to see a cap on number of drones active at once. Currently, there doesn't really seem to be a cap, and the entire map can pretty much be filled with drones. If there was a limit, it could force the hunter to either really fortify one or two bloodposts at the expense of leaving another one more vulnerable, to be patrolled by himself, or to have several drones scattered around, providing wider albeit less effective area denial.

    Second one has to do with the UI of hunters and healthbars.

    Right now, when you shoot someone as hunter, you see a healthbar over the scavenger for a brief moment. It isn't much, but it's enough to help see where they're going in a game that's designed around the idea of evading and hiding. I don't recommend removing the healthbar, but I'd rather see it placed around the center of the screen near the crosshair, or at the top of the screen. That way the hunter can still see that they shot someone, see their health, but cannot rely on it to know where they go, since the healthbar no longer follows the scavenger for a brief moment.

  • CRogersCRogers Member

    Hi, thanks for making this game and taking the time to read feedback.

    I should note I did not like Dead by Daylight, primarily due to the game's theme. I like that this feels more like an action movie (Running Man) instead of a slasher film.

    I believe the game is currently well balanced. I think some scav special arrows are clearly better than others, but need more play to comment on them.

    I also like the time frame and that games happen relatively quickly.

    I play the game with the idea that all that matters is the end result. As scav that is escape, as hunter that is downing as many scavs as possible. It never even crossed my mind until I saw it on the forum to leave scavs alive to gain more experience as hunter, nor do I have any intention to do it. Based on how you design the game, I'll play each round to pursue whatever strategy(ies) work best to get victory at the end. I hope the design reflects that and doesn't worry about things like 'we want the hunter to at times spare the scavs for potential larger rewards'.

    Suggestions for changes/improvements.
    1: Make blood depositing more integral to winning. Right now the primary purpose seems experience as, unless the team works well together from the beginning, it's rare to fill the blood meter until the time is up anyway. Just about every game I've played when the blood meter filled the clock was almost at the end, meaning just hiding would have been a more effective strategy.
    A: The more blood has been harvested, the quicker the exit gates appear/can be accessed. If the scavs spend the whole game hiding the hunter will get a lot of time to track them down, if they got a lot of blood they can get out almost immediately. I also think this fits the game theme better because it shows how willing the enclave is to take them, but that everyone has to spend their time in the garden before being given a chance.
    B: Blood harvested is linked to how fast the clock ticks. The more blood in, the quicker you can get out.

    2: Executions. Don't care for them. To me they have a few problems.
    A: Are boring and anticlimatic. The tension of the escape from the hunter is great, bullets flying, trying to find a place to hide. Getting downed and executed is just boring and a let down after all that.
    B: It makes sniping as the hunter significantly weaker. If you kill a scav far away from you it's very easy for them to be saved.
    C: If the scavs are working well together, they are very difficult to actually achieve.
    So, executions are boring, overly difficult on the hunter if scavs are working together, overly hard on the scavs if they are not working together, and eliminate long distance tactics as part of the hunter's arsenal.
    Both my suggestions for possible change revolve around getting rid of executions entirely.
    A: Instant death. Give scavs more life, but when it runs out, they are dead. The life segments should be more significant and when one is lost it is very hard, if not impossible, to recover. So in this system scavs will get more and more wounded over time, meaning if the hunter wounds his prey he has still moved toward victory (instead of now where wounding is irrelevant if the hunter doesn't finish them off).
    B: Just bleed out, but quicker with every down. Just have bleed out happen like now, except with a much faster time frame (it's ridiculous how long it currently lasts). Each time a scav goes down, the bleed out time is lowered significantly.

    Those are my thoughts. I look forward to how the game progresses and wish you the best.

  • SpoonmanSpoonman Member

    Idea for shield power buff: have the shield take half the damage from bullets that is done to health, so it can last longer. Also, if used on a downed scavenger, it provides a temporary protection against execution.

    (Credit for these are from me and Potzerus on the discord).

  • vlindenthalvlindenthal Member

    Hi my only real change I would like is the perk for the sniper rifle and increase fire right on a sniper, which is percssion gun is useless. I would prefer, that there was a decrease in some thing that actual helps a sniper. For example, a perk that lowers the amount of time between shoot a point accurate shot. I just want a perk that will help make her sniper rifle better.

  • AlissahAlissah Member

    Hi! I absolutely love the game, and have almost no problems with it, except for one: the game mode allows scavengers to hide, and wait out the timer, which is really boring for both sides. I have a suggestion on how to atleast incentivize gathering enough blood and getting a scavenger domination, rather than just letting time run out.

    Simply sititng in a bush and waiting for the timer to run out is a gauranteed way to make it to the finale. Fixing hiding would be really difficult without to do without affecting regular gameplay (which does involve stealth, which is a good thing), so my idea revolves around the finale itself:


    • exits spawn after 20 seconds

    suggested for time-ran-out finales:

    • default time of 20 seconds
    • for each scavenger alive, 5 seconds is added
    • Make executions only take about a second, and give 40% stamina to the hunter(enough for one jump)
    • This will make it much less of a cheesy, "free" escape when scavengers decide to run the timer out.
    • The incentive for running the time out is to escape without risk. Delivering blood carries a large risk. Making the finale much more dangerous will hopefully make people risk gathering blood, rather than risking being in a very long finale.

    hunter/scavenger domination

    • still 20 seconds.

    As a decent hunter, i found that i can catch the last person pretty consistently, but theres definitely a chance for them to escape if I make a mistake, so 20 seconds works great.

    General finale suggestions

    • Disable blue crates. people can be stealthed indefinitely with camo, especially if more than 1 scavenger made it to the finale.
    • Turn the exit icon red if a scavenger is within 20 meters of the exit (for hunter). It stays red for the rest of the match, so there is a mind game to allow people to run to the other exit with camo if they spawn close to one.
    • This allows hunters to atleast have a chance to spot and down a scavenger, by letting them know there is/was someone stealthed near that exit, without giving them too much information.

    Now, I'm going to talk about camo. It's very early into the game's life, and we havent seen a lot of high level scavengers vs high level hunter games, so it's very difficult to judge exactly how OP camo is. As a mainly hunter player, who "wins" most matches (against new players, so thats not saying much), here's my thoughts on it:

    • Using camo mid-chase does require some skill from the scavenger, but also depends largely on environment. Newer players are extremely easy to gun down when they camo mid-chase. When an experienced player camos mid-chase, it feels like a gauranteed escape, while things like fog, heal, etc still requires the person to juke effectively to survive, and has counterplay.
    • When a scavenger pops camo before they are spotted, but the hunter knows they're there (for example when delivering blood), it can also go either way. New players will run in straight lines. While it's possible to spot this by standing still, HOPING you're looking at the right direction, and hoping for dust clouds or the blue effect to show up, there's no gaurantee. If an experienced camo user pops camo before the hunter arrives, they're simply gone.
    • If the hunter gets the drop on someone and injures them, they should be rewarded. It doesn't feel right to lose someone you had down to 1 bar of health, because they pressed M1. It requires far too much focus/skill/luck to outplay, while it doesn't require nearly as much to use.

    My suggestion for camo during chases:

    • Camo runs out faster equal to double the health percentage missing, for example, at 50% health missing, camo runs out 100% faster, Making a level 10 camo last 2.5 seconds rather than 5 seconds.
    • Shocking someone in camo should "reveal" them for longer, atleast 1.5 seconds. It's far too easy to lose someone because they rolled through you, and then around a corner.
    • When camo runs out, the noise it makes should have a larger range, and the blue effect should last longer, if the scavenger is not full health.
    • If not full health, when first entering camo, you start out in the shadow/revealed state, as if you've just been shot, even if it's just for a short while, it atleast allows the hunter to see which direction they roll in, and try to track them. This would be especially nice in those times where you're chasing someone else, and someone supports with a camo. It can feel pretty unfair for that person to suddenly go invisible when you're not ready for it.

    To make avoiding being spotted with camo more fair:

    • At the location the camo bolt is shot, have some sort of lingering graphical effect. I'm thinking an extra large amount of dust, or some glitchy looking small cubes or something, I'm not an artist. At least knowing the starting location will let skilled hunters try to predict where the scavenger is going, which almost requires blind luck right now.

    Perhaps the amount of camo bolts per power core could be lowered to two, too. Three feels like you could get away with anything.

    It's hard to nerf camo without making it completely useless, but I think atleast giving some of this information to the hunter should be a small step in the right direction. Probably not all at once, though, I'm just throwing ideas out there. The lingering graphical effect is in my opinion the most fair one, and won't make camo useless, but still allow counterplay. The chase suggestions are more "out there".

    A simple suggestion for drones:

    • While a drone is "starting up" (the red area is currently growing), if a scavenger is in the total area of the drone, the drone will make a beep sound, without revealing the scavenger.
    • I personally found that experienced scavengers simply shoot down or outrun drones too easily, especially if they have a teammate supporting them. Atleast having the beep will let hunters know to keep searching, without it being handed to them for free. It'll be a nice buff for those who use drones during chases, or shortly after being juked.

    It would be nice if hunters got a tip when they get a down, or before spawning in, that explains the down multiplier, and that leaving people alive at first gives the most points. Wait untill they get a hunter domination first before showing this tip!

    A lot of hunters are simply dominating, and wiping out scavenger teams in 3 minutes, because it's more time efficient to get quick 5k xp games, than long 10k xp games. So I would like to either make it so:

    • down multiplier only goes up from mercy downs (so when instantly executing someone, the 2nd execution will still have a bonus of 1x down, rather than 2x)
    • or, the downing xp is also affected by a mercy down bonus. However, I understand this is currently not the case, because presumably that would allow farming downs too much. So maybe simply a bigger bonus is needed!
    • Maybe even an end-of-match xp bonus, rather than more per execution, 5% per mercy down ( still up to 5, so a 25% bonus). Having a big "bonus experience" button at the end is more noticeable than simple getting some more from an execution. 8000 + 2000 is a lot more appealing than simply 10000, and makes the mechanic seemingly more important.

    I think almost every scavenger agrees that having to run around and revive people, rather than being instantly executed, makes for a more dynamic/fun game, especially with all the perks and challenges that affects revives/bleedout. And being instakilled in about a minute isn't very fun (two very common arguments, as you probably know). so making mercy downs more appealing would be nice.

    Personally, I really like the down bonus system, because it allows me to challenge myself when I'm against newer scavengers, rather than just wiping them in minutes, which isn't fun for either of us. 5 downs + 5 kills also makes me feel like its a "better" win (like a flawless victory in a fighting game, for example), while simply hunter domination with 4/5 kills is a "worse" win. But not all hunters agree. I do think instacuting should stay in the game, because putting some sort of restriction makes the hunter feel less dangerous, and new hunters already struggle a lot, epsecially against good scavengers. I think just a much bigger xp incentive should work fine though. And the tutorial tips. I personally wouldn't even have known about the bonus if I hadn't read the blog before the game relaunched.

    A note on long range sniping:
    It's too easy to lose scavengers who move out of sight when you snipe them. It would be nice if the semi-auto sniper caused a bleeding status effect, which makes a scavenger leave a blood trail for about 2 seconds, so you can tell which way they went! It would make the semi-auto sniper usable outside of situations where scavs are completely in the open.

    And finally:
    I would like to have the option to make aim down sights sensitivity the same as regular sensitivity. Also sprinting sensitivity, please. I don't know if it's a balance thing, or an immersion thing, but as someone who doesn't usually play shooters, having multiple sensitivities seems kind of unnescesary to me, and I never use ADS, aside from challenges.

    Thank you for reading, and for making a great game!

    P.S. I'm really sorry about writing such a big wall of text, and I really appreciate you taking the time to read!

  • NapalmStrikeNapalmStrike Member

    I think some of the power from the hunter should be moved from the drones to the hunter himself. Maybe in exchange for longer downtime on downed drones, reduce the stamina regeneration time. Because the pace of the match right now can resemble this: First half of the match is uneventful because the hunter is just gathering and building his things, and second half becomes a tedious crawl because there's drones everywhere that you have to down every ten seconds. At that point you might as well wait the timer out and leave.

    With an increased downtime on drones and more stamina uptime for the hunter, this would allow the hunter to apply more pressure himself without the game becoming a "shoot the drones" simulator in late game. And we could have more exciting hide and seek gameplay, because the hunter just cannot apply the pressure himself right now. I've had numerous games where I spend most of the game just gathering blood without even seeing the hunter once.

  • mystertalmystertal Member

    First of all, I just want to say to the devs that you've done a great job so far! The relaunch is amazing and I'm hooked!

    Before I make a couple of suggestions, I just like to note that the game has actually only really been out (in its current form) for a few days, so I hope everyone understands that it's far too early to start criticising and judging what is strong and what is wrong.
    We are all still learning the game and how to play, strats are only just forming and we're only just now discovering what works, what doesn't, what seems really powerful and what is kind of not.
    I just want to stress that whenever I see something in the game that I think "god, that's unfair/broken!" it might be kind of like hearing a player in June of 2016 say something like "god, they shouldn't have pallets, so unfair" or "Killers are way too powerful if they can hit you down in only two hits, maybe Survivors should have five health levels..."

    So bear in mind that this - and any other suggestion/feedback - is coming from the equivalent of a bunch of Rank 20's in DBD.
    I fully accept and declare that anything I say is being said after only a comparatively brief experience with the game and I may be 100% wrong.

    That said, there's a couple of things that I think should be looked into.

    Execution Timing.

    A lot of players seem concerned over this. I'm not one of them, but I did make a suggestion post about this earlier in this forum (before I noticed this thread).

    Basically, I think that the game is fine as it is and it's on the Scavenger not to go down too quickly. I believe you've given us every tool and ability to make sure we don't die in 2 seconds and anyone who does and complains about it honestly just needs to git gud (I mean, there's plenty of games where you can die without a second chance early on and they do fine - Fortnite and Dark Souls are like that).

    But, if you are concerned about it, my suggestion is simple:

    Consider making Executions an unavailable action for a short period of time from the start of the match.
    During this grace period Scavengers can still be downed - just not Executed by the Hunter. After the grace period ends, Executions are available.

    I thought 60 seconds is ample, another player responded in my thread pointing out that 60 seconds might be too generous, so that's up to you to look into.

    The point is not to eliminate deadliness, consequences or a sense of threat - just to make sure that people have a fair chance to play before they get eliminated from the match.

    Honestly, I feel like this is needless coddling - even half-decent Scavengers don't go down in the first 60 seconds and like I said, even if it happens, there's games where stuff like that can happen and it's fine.

    I'm just saying, since a lot of people are making a lot of detached statements and requests about this, if you're gonna do anything to change this, here is one way to consider.

  • CyanisticCyanistic Member

    The screens in the locker rooms.

    I feel these would be great ways of displaying lore about the world, news for the game, or other things. It'd also make the locker rooms feel that much more interesting, especially with friends.

  • ZyroZyro Member

    So one of my favorite trolly things to do is blow drones up in the hunters face while they attempt to deploy them. However, I often notice that if they're far enough along in the interaction the drone will still deploy when it fixes itself and give no sound alert when doing so. The strangest part though is it never fully deploys like a regular drone but instead will have the same folded, undeployed shape to it as it did on the ground. Sometimes destroying it a second time while its in the air will fix the animation, but the drone still doesn't give any sound notification of being deployed. I've been revealed and downed several times as a result from this, but ultimately counted it as my own fault until I accidentally got a couple of my team mates killed last round after I glitched a drone over point A. So my conscience got to me and I decided I should probably let somebody know about it.

  • CyanisticCyanistic Member

    A bioluminescent garden would be pretty cool to play in. Swamp themed, maybe in the realm as Salt Creek? Maybe an underground cave like garden with the sky open and walls surrounding as if they fell into a large hole in the ground?

    You could have giant fungai as trees.
    Fiber optic lights as small bushes.
    Bioluminescent plankton in water areas that light up if you move through them. (Just as they are in real life.)
    Giant roots sticking out of the ground as cover.
    So on and so forth.

    edited June 2019

    A few suggestions:

    Due to the 5:1 player ratio required for a game to start at all, I would like to encourage you to include an display in the game that shows the current absolute number of players, distinguishing between how many players play the Hunter and how many play a scavenger.

    Maybe this will help shorten the time in the queues as players can spontaneously decide to change roles.

    The translation into German is very well done. There are a few parts that should be improved.

    In the result table, line breaks should be inserted in various column headings. The column headings overlap.

    In the Quick-Conns there is an expression "Erobernblood deposit". I'm not sure what should really be there, but the infinitive is so used incorrectly and "blood deposit" is not translated.

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member

    the game its ok balanced but the insta downed needs to go away now i want both as a scavenger and hunter fair now if you get down first time you wont get execute but all scavenger will be revealed like 3 or 4s now if you get downed second time you get executed

  • SpoonmanSpoonman Member

    Not sure if this was brought up yet, but there's an exploit going around that gives extraordinary amounts of XP. I'm not sure on all the details, but I have a screenshot from another user, supposedly involving using healing arrows without the need for doing objectives.

  • MiraakMiraak Member, Moderator mod

    Hey! The Team is aware of this issue! The Devs will fix this very soon! @Spoonman

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