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Big pile of feedback, just like I did before, some of these might have already been brought up. Some of the bugs might've already been fixed in the patch earlier today.

Scavenger stuff
-Let clones do parkour, even if it's as simple as climbing up a cliff face if the bolt hits near the top. Right now if you're trying to escape and are surrounded by cliffs, as soon as you start climbing there's no way for the hunter to mistake you for a clone. It's also difficult to help someone at a higher elevation since you need to shoot a tree or structure and have the clone drop down on them.
-Could you change clone pathfinding so they prefer to avoid where the user is hiding if the user is stationary? Just a few feet of clearance, right now if the Hunter doesn't notice them they sometimes loop back and go next to the user in a bush, and then the hunter spots and shoots them, killing the clone but also hitting and spotting the user. Seems a bit detrimental if the Hunter fails to notice the clone or the Scavenger, so the clone runs back and stands next to the user.
-Increase the size of the smoke cloud area where it blocks highlights, this might not be needed once the area gets fixed though (it's currently a bit buggy at times, details in bug section below)
-Give some kind of feedback that a Scavenger is getting executed. Either highlight them so everyone can see, or at least make a sound if your healing bolt hits but the revive is prevented because the Hunter is executing. I've seen people use all 3 of their bolts trying to revive someone, and hit with all 3, but they didn't realize the hunter was around the corner, or behind the tree, already executing them, if there's some kind of feedback sound letting the shooter know, they won't waste more than one bolt.

Hunter stuff
-In the little windows on matchmaking screen that show images of each objective, the Inquisitor is holding the Scavenger in the air, it'd be cool if we could get unique executions for each Hunter +as equipable cosmetic executions.

Quality of Life
-Let Scavengers see what ability other Scavengers have equipped, at least during lobby. (I've had matches where everyone is playing Fog and Switch, got worried we might all have smokescreen) (just displaying the ability icon above them next to their name would be enough)
-On the progress screen, have resources won appear at the same time as xp is getting tallied, rather than after.
-If you exit the progress screen before it has finished tallying xp/resources, then return, have it continue from where it left off rather than starting over.
-Give some penalty for quiting the match (seen entire lobbies empty except for 1-2 Scavengers when they see the Hunter is significantly higher rank) (although you may want to hold off on this until after the player count levels out at a healthy amount, don't want to penalize people and make them want to leave if there's not that many to begin with)
-If someone quits before the match has actually begun (Scavs released into arena) allow the person that left to rejoin, or other people join in their place.
-If in the main menu area, and alt-tabbed out, reduce volume or mute game. If someone wants to watch a quick youtube video without exiting the game, it can be annoying to need to bring up a vulume mixer control to mute the game. (though make a visible/audible notification if they're in a match queue and get a match while alt-tabbed out, something like the popup like Smite does if you're alt-tabbed and get into a match)
-Display how much bonus health and stamina Inked gets in the description of her unique passives, either as percentage or flat amount.
-Let us preview the prestige cosmetics, so players can decide if they like them enough to work towards it on a specific character.
-Bring back a tutorial, and include some more depth to it than the little popups (also increase depth of the information on the popups) (I've met Freerunner rank Scavengers that didn't know you could ping by pressing Q)
-Allow players to view all of the popups in the menu, so they can read them all immediately and whenever they want, rather than waiting for them to pop up.
-Once Blood Mode activates, remove the display of how many power cores the hunter is carrying, they have no use at that point and just clutter the UI.
-Put Crouch hold option in Hunter/Scavenger options, rather than shared. I like crouch hold on Hunter (because you don't need to crouch often) and crouch toggle on Scavenger (because you need to crouch often to hide, so hold would be annoying).

Changes to Drones; I love them, but they can be a bit too pervasive, I played a match in which the drone spawns lined up to create a wall cutting the map completely in half because their vision overlapped, and had 3 drones covering each blood deposit, if one person wanted to deposit blood, the'd need to use power cores to destroy the drones, otherwise they'd already be reactivating by the time the last one is destroyed.
Do one or some combination of the following:
-Add in new drone types, but leave the number that spawn about the same (so there's less of any single type) (ideas for new types below this list) (the best one)
-Put a cap on how many drones can be active at once (yuck)
-Reduce the number of drones that spawn during map generation (eh)
-Change how their locations are determined to prevent full-map-length walls & 3+ drones overlapping a single blood deposit (b a l a n c e)
-Reduce their vision area but make them patrol, covering the same area(or more), but not all of it at once. (cool)
-Make Drones have an duration timer, where they need to recharge for several seconds after a certain period of time, allowing people to run past without destroying the drone if they time it correctly. They reactivate on their own once the recharge is done. For example duration values: 30s on, 5s off, 30s on, 5s off. (interesting at least)

New Drones; I wouldn't suggest you add new drone types and then not at least toss some ideas at you:
-Smaller drones that have reduced vision area and will patrol instead of remaining stationary (if they spot you, they might try to follow you a bit)
-Stationary drones attached to walls/trees that have a different vision angle, like they're a security camera (there's a box on the ground below the hunter interacts with to activate, rather than having to climb the tree/wall). The vision cone may or may not move (camera turns and looks around)
-Tower drones that have a 360 degree sweeping laser that's blocked by terrain, if the laser touches you, it highlights you for several seconds, but the drone itself just continues doing sweeps. (imagine a pole 2 stories high, the laser comes down at a 70-80 degree angle from the top)
-Some kind of 'hive' drone with a wide area that reduces the amount of time you need to remain stationary for the little drone to come sit on your head if you're inside (has long repair time).
-Manually activated pulse generator. Limited amount spawn and it costs some amount of power cores for each activation. When activated, it releases a greyed-out pulse (like the grid-shaped pulse that gets released during blood mode). Once the pulse has covered the entire map, it activates (turns red) and returns, highlighting anyone it passes over for several seconds (not as long as a hacked crate, this is a handicap for a Hunter facing significantly more skilled Scavengers, and a 'reward' for activating most/all of the drones, so now they have spare power cores to spend on this.) The pulse goes out greyed and not highlighting, which lets Scavengers see it and gives them time to prepare, the closer you are to the generator, the more time you have to prepare, but the farther from the generator, the more likely the hunter will not be able to reach you before the highlight expires (if you're not able to avoid getting highlighted), giving him only a vague idea of your location. Can't be destroyed /or/ destroying it during channel causes the pulse to return immediately (odds are, highlighting yourself for the sake of protecting the others)

The new drone types would also spice up the game significantly if Scavengers had to look out for more than one type of drone


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    I don't know if this is intentional or not, but the ruins arena has a building with two intersecting tunnels, if a Scavenger gets downed inside of it they cannot be executed.
    If it is intentional, it'd be cool if a terrain feature like that got added to each of the arena gens.
    If it's not intentional, add in a 'drag' mechanic where the hunter can crouch under the terrain and drag out the downed runner so they can execute them.

    Changes to Execution; I've seen a bunch of people complaining about how they feel it's unfair for the hunter to be able to instantly execute them and block any attempt at a revive during the channel, I don't really have any problem with it but I understand where they're coming from, so I came up with a new step in the execution process to see if it's more enjoyable for all parties:
    Blood Draining:
    -The Hunter has a 'Blood Meter' a 2 segment bar (an exclusive hunter perk could be to increase it to 3).
    -Executions cost 1 segment to perform (except during Blood Mode)
    -Hunter gains charge for the Blood Meter by interacting with a downed Scavenger to drain their blood (THEIR blood, not the blood they're carrying) (Hunter can hold a filling blood bag with tubes sticking out like they stabbed the Scavenger with a syringe or something) (a perk could drain the blood they're carrying for increased charge speed, and removing the blood from their possession so they must collect again if they revive)
    -While draining blood, the Hunter cannot shoot and neither of them can move (just like during execution channel)
    -While draining blood, the Scavenger can still be revived. If they get revived, it instantly gives the Hunter a big chunk of progress on their meter, like 70% of one segment, or a full segment.
    -Once the Hunter has enough charge, they can execute the Scavenger or continue draining blood so they don't need to spend time draining their next victim.
    -If the Hunter wants to release them for the xp multiplier, they can still choose to drain blood so they don't need to later.
    Draining blood also fits with the new theme around blood, as the Scavengers are collecting the blood of failed Scavengers that were deemed unworthy, and the Hunter collects the blood of the Scavengers, declaring them unworthy in the process.

    -During the first match of the day, your rank appears as Aspirant on the in-match leaderboard. This fixes itself once the first match is complete.
    -When you interact with the 'Change Character' terminal for the first time, the weather effects are going superspeed.
    -The area of Smokescreen that blocks highlights seems a bit bugged, doesn't always work, even when standing still, sometimes crouching will take you out of it.
    -Make clones get highlighted by drones
    -Make downed Scavengers get highlighted by drones
    -Make clones get highlighted by the blood mode pulse independently of their user (right now they only get highlighted if the user is already highlighted when they appear)
    -Toil Together doesn't seem to function right if another person is performing the interaction (it could be caused by them also having Toil Together, but at a lower level)
    -The first level of Sudden Insight requires you to collect 15 objectives highlighted by it, it's bugged and can be completed without delivering any blood. Once you collect any blood, you no longer make progress for the remainder of the match.
    -Switches Exclusive Skill "Lighten Your Load" says it gives +50% movespeed for 50 seconds. It does not, I assume that's an error in the description & not in the effects and it was supposed to say for 5.0 seconds or 5 seconds. (are errors in descriptions counted as bugs?)
    -The distance measurements in skill/perk descriptions seem off, 12meter radius smoke cloud? A typical adult is around 1.6m, if a Scavenger laid down would there be enough room for 7.5 of them head-to-toe on the radius of that cloud?
    -Some of the terrain has gaps in it that lets you see down into infinity (the arizona desert biome section that has stairs that dip into the ground, if it's near the edge of the map)
    Edits additions below this
    -Sometimes Scavengers can be revived while the Hunter is channeling the exeuction (I have yet to encounter this, but enough people have mentioned it I think it's real)
    -Smokescreen hides their own crate highlights from Scavengers
    -Sometimes the chat will not show the entire message, if it's only barely long enough to move to the next line.
    -When highlighted and within a smoke cloud, the highlight will sometimes reappear on your screen depending on the camera angle, making it difficult to tell if it's blocking the highlight correctly.

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