Windows 10 1903 Bluescreen Crash

GMan79GMan79 Member

Hi, I played the soft launch
and I early got the deluxe version of the game. Didn't play it for a long time.
Now I wanted to start it. And My whole PC crashes with a blue screen. Says something I don't have authorization to open ...\TheExit.exe

I have already verified files, deinstalled and reinstalled the game. But Issue remains.
What to do ?


  • MarilouBHVRMarilouBHVR Administrator, Dev admin

    Hey there!

    We're looking into the issue, affecting players with a specific version of Windows and BattleEye. We'll keep you posted!

    Thank you!

  • MarilouBHVRMarilouBHVR Administrator, Dev admin


    The issue has been fixed and will not happen tomorrow when you'll launch the reboot version of the game.


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