Upcoming free weekend on May 23, 2019?

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This is pure speculation on my part, so don't yell at me. But I noticed today that SteamDB says there's a free weekend on May 23, 2019. As of this writing (April 23), that'd be in the future.


Coinciding with a major patch, perhaps? Don't take any weekend plane trips.


  • EmreszEmresz Member
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    possibly with the Evulution Update?! Oh, iam a bit Hyped. :)

  • HybridHybrid Member

    Looks like there is a free weekend going on right now, but they say on Twitter that the big update will be next week (May 30) --

    So... what is the logic of showing off an old and flawed version when the huge reboot will be 7 days from now? I want for there to be more players to compete with, and I feel like this is not the best way to make a good first impression on newcomers who might like the rebooted version, but won't get to try it for free.

  • MarilouBHVRMarilouBHVR Administrator, Dev admin

    Hey there!

    We're aware of the 'Free weekend' advertised on Steam yesterday. It was not supposed to be there and been taken down since. We're still investigating, but for sure our intention was not to do a free weekend of the original DG, 7 days prior to reboot.

    Thanks for understanding!


  • SandvichSandvich Member

    Thanks for the clarification Marilou!

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