Windows 10 19h1 issues with anti cheat

Will there be soon an update to the anti cheat?
This game uses BattlEye anti cheat, this will be a problem in the future as it will cause a BlueScreen in newer versions of Windows 10. The current version of this anti cheat is not compatible anymore with Windows 10 and thus one will not get the new upgrade expected at the end of May with this anti cheat present in the system.

I am a Microsoft Insider, so I have already upgraded, but I had to deinstall this game (first try to get rid of the anti cheat) and to manually delete the BattlEye anti cheat via Command Prompt and deleting its respective folders since the anti cheat does not get deinstalled with the game.

If you think this be a prank, try it out yourself, search for anti cheat and Windows 10 19h1 or 18362. The developer only has to change the anti cheat program.

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