Character Reveal: Ghost

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Scavenger Reveal: Ghost

Default Vambrace Power: Invisibility—Upon impact, grants the invisibility status for a short duration to all nearby scavengers.

Ghost is a stealthy scavenger, who excels at moving unnoticed. His sharp survival instincts grant him superior navigational skills and map awareness.

He’s an indispensable ally who provides scavengers with extra bolts at the start of a match.

Early concept of Ghost

Backstory Concept art of Ghost

"I was part of the Enclaves, one of the chosen few. But I believe that everyone has a right to Humanity’s riches. And so, I choose to fight until I draw my last breath." – Yani "Ghost" Amini

Don’t forget to tune in for our third DG Insider episode on Youtube. We’ll unveil more information about our latest characters, the Stalker, Inked, and Ghost.


  • TimoTimo Member
    edited February 15

    Ok ok, I'll cross post this on Steam.
    Eeeeeh, not really liking the art direction.
    It looks very D&D 3.5
    Grunge junk scrapper meets...high tech nano garden?
    Kind of gives me more hills have eyes / texas chainsaw massacre. And a healthy dose of that movie Rob Zombie did.

    Personal preference, The theme looks like it's coming together but I much prefer the Primary Sci-Fi theme with a strong dark edge.

    (Ultra Scifi) Ultra violet, Equilibrium, Pandorum, Elysium, District 9(Grunge)

  • MichaelMichael Administrator, Dev admin

    Thanks for sharing your feedback! Hopefully future characters will appeal to you a little more ^^

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