Is this the game play you guys were hoping for DEVs?

Deathgarden's was about poor runners trying to survive against powerful hunter....tell me does this video look like that?.....It's still one-sided battle when it comes to game play. Same runners, doing the same cheats. I decide to stick on one runner, hoping they would get frustrated and use their lag switch. It pays off. It happens around the 3:30 mark but watch it all so you can see what lead up to it. They use this lag to save each other from bloodpost, escape when they are down. Its pretty sad they had to resort to this, but then what did I expect from this generation of game players......skills? LOL

(I just uploaded the video so give it some time for high quality to kick in)


  • DarelzDarelz Member

    For anyone wondering: I keep running towards BP while holding a key because I challenged myself to touch the BP before delivering a key. Might try it as control next time aha.

  • MichaelMichael Member ✭✭✭

    This issue seems to be server-related. We're looking into the matter.

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