LOL, runners need to cham now....

It was happening in a small number of matches but now it seems like there is one in every match. Here is the issues DEV's, a game like this only really needs one person to cham. After that, the runner just directs everyone around and lets them know when the hunter is or if he's coming toward them. The chammer also just follows the hunter around so if he happens to catch one running trying to run from the key point, they just blind him and runner hide somewhere near by. DEV's you need to have it to were they can only see each other when they get down by the hunter. What is the point of them being able to see each other the whole match? If this is the Hunters arena, why the hell would they be allowed to see each other the whole game? You wanted to make this more of an individual type of rewarding system, so take away the ability of them seeing each other thru the whole game (Unless they get down) I was going to say that they dont need to chat with each other either but I'm reasonable type of hunter. Make their chat a proximity. If they want to chat , the hunter should be able to listen in when he gets close enough. It's sad they have to resort to cheating but then what did you expect from these kids? Skill? LOL.


  • Not familiar with the lingo, but people will always find ways to cheat. This is some sort of SwF exploit, I'm gathering?
    Dunno if I've seen that or not (I'm not real tuned in to the cheater ways) but in fairness I haven't played in ages, always single digit player base when I'm looking for a game. (shrug)

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    I got video footage recorded. I record all my matches....just holding off on it. Need to see what the DEV's are going to say about it. The game is kind of like in Limbo right. Not sure if it will last or not. With that being said, are they going to deal with the cheating? (banning players...which they have so few of already) Or turn a blind eye, in hopes the game will gain traction so more players to come and play.

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    Hey Voldo. If you think you've found a cheater, I'd encourage you to send us (via customer support) one of the videos you've captured.

    And thank you for the feedback.

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    i'll do better.....i'll post the links here for all to see (only two for now. I have to go thru my videos to find them. I can provide the original full match video in high def.

    Melt thru the floor


    Arrow from heaven

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    Thanks, Voldo!

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