[Feedback] Transition Patch Feedback

Quality of Life
-On the stat screen after matches the character seems like they're farther left than intended, they cover up part of the xp bar and the last stat
-Put a slash through the mic icon of a player if they have it disabled or muted, greyed out if it's enabled but they use push-to-talk (and aren't pushing) or if it's always on but audio is below a certain level, lit up only when they actually broadcast
-Give Runners AND Hunters a visual identifier of the 'immunity buffer' time and how many stacks of it the hunter currently as
--to my understanding it goes: [Ability effect(displayed)]->[Immunity timer(displayed)]->[Immunity buffer]->[normal]
--If you get hit during the buffer it increaases the next Immunity timer, but does not display any signal telling that they have 1 stack of extra time, or 2 stacks of extra time
--Also has no visual display of the Immunity buffer so hunters and runners need to guess or count themselves, they might try to wait it out but stun .5s before buffer ends
-Once the exits are open change the 'Kills Remaining' in the top left to show 'Runners Remaining' so the hunter can more easily keep track of how many runners are still in the arena
-When a player exits the match early (DC or quit) give us an announcement like 'A Runner has fled' or 'The Hunter has fled'
-Maybe change the DC/quit after-match symbol to something else, it's very similar to the escape symbol

-There seems to be problem with hunter dropping frames whenever pretty much anything happens, it's constantly dropping, but only the hunter seems to have the problem
--I'm specifying Hunter because I didn't get close the the frequency or severity of the frame drops while playing as Runner. It happens very frequently, but I'll include some examples anyway
---[Example 1: 2018-11-17 15-25-56 @ 4:24] [Example 2: 2018-11-17 21-56-15 @ 5:50]
-Sometimes the runner hp bars appear well after they've taken damage, other times they appear over empty space
--seems to happen when runners take damage while out of frame, such as from landmines or turrets behind the hunter
-Hunter gets caught while doing the climb animation on certain terrain, he'll do it several times before finally falling to the ground or successfully climbing (I wasn't able to replicate these in the tutorial area)
--When climbing a regular cliff, facing so the cliff is no longer centered on screen (such as looking to the left or right) will cause it to repeat the animation
--Also when climbing around tunnels (the ones that go straight then up to the surface), if the hunter tries to climb that lip above the ramp to the surface, it will bug out
---[Example 1: 2018-11-17 21-56-15 @ 2:58] [Example 2: 2018-11-17 21-56-15 @ 4:00]
-Sometimes the Runner ragdoll when they get downed doesn't match with their actual location, so once they get into a crawling position, they teleport away
--I only encountered this once, but I got a recording of it
--[Example 1: 2018-11-17 21-47-07 @ 3:38]
-If a Hunter emotes immediately after completing the interaction to perform an execution, they will remain in 1st person for the duration of the emote
--[Example 1: 2018-11-17 15-43-48 @ 5:25]
-I See You seems to have a delay where it won't spot runners until the 'ping' reaches max range
--[Example 1: 2018-11-17 21-56-15 @ 4:23]

Match Balance
-If the hunter opens the gates, give him a heads up of their locations before the runners are able to use them
--Either delay the gate spawning and do not tell the runners the locations for several seconds (but tell the Hunter so they can move towards one)
--Or block the gates entrances for several seconds / give it door switches similar to DbD if the Hunter is the one to open it
--Seems like once the runners realize the last person can't be saved they just sprint for wherever they think the locations of the gates will be, letting them exit immediatly
-Give the hunter the execution reward if a runner on the bloodpost DCs or quits, or alternatively give them Disconnect points like in DbD
--[Example 1: 2018-11-17 15-43-48 @ 3:33 Example 2: ] [Example 2: 2018-11-17 21-56-15 @ 5:04]
-Do something about executions during the last sprint out, seems like if the hunter stops to execute 1 person it guarantees the others have time to escape
--Maybe block the exits for a few seconds once he executes someone, or close a door around them and they must open them (similar to DbD door switches, but much faster and only appears after hunter has executed someone while exit is open and/or if the hunter is the one to open the exit)
---[Example 1: 2018-11-17 15-25-56 @ 7:40]
-If a Hunter gets an execution while the exits are open refill the hunters stamina
--If 2 runners are left and go for opposite exits, the Hunter doesn't even have a chance to catch the second one if they used their stamina on boosting or stuns to kill the other Runner
---[Example 1: 2018-11-17 15-43-48 @ 5:43] [Example 2: 2018-11-17 21-56-15 @ 5:58]

Runner Balance
-Revert the Vambrace Arrow NPI cost change, but reduce NPI cap (keep it at 3 arrows worth)
-Give them enough NPI for 3.5 arrows so that way they can get up to 1 more shot easier without already having it ready in a confrontation
-Buff NPI Hoarder to give enough NPI increase for 1 more arrow (it doesn't currently)

More about Vambrace Arrows
-From testing ingame and reviewing old footage, you increased the NPI cost of the arrows, but kept the maximum NPI the same(actually reduced cap by 1 NPI) (giving you 3 arrows per full bar), and did not change NPI gain
-You should have reduced the cap, now it takes more NPI earning actions to equal 1 arrow
--New NPI cap: 999 (effectively 1998 with NPI Hoarder, math says NPI Hoarder should increase it to 1998.8, but don't know if decimal is there)
--New Vambrace Power Arrow cost: 333 NPI
--Old NPI cap: 1000
--Old Vambrice Power Arrow cost: 200 NPI
--NPI gained per 'Marked Objective' (no change before/after patch): 150 NPI
---How many 'Marked Objective's needed to reach 1 arrow:
---Post Patch: 3 with 117 (.35 arrows worth) left over NPI
---Pre-Patch: 2 with 100 (1/2 arrows worth) left over NPI
Now it takes more NPI earning actions to equal 1 arrow and it has less of an arrows worth of NPI left over so it's more difficult/takes longer/takes more arrows marking objectives/takes more objectives that are unmarked for Runners to get Vambrace arrows ready.
I suggest:
-Change Vambrace Arrow cost from 333 NPI back to 200 NPI
-Reduce NPI cap from 999 to 600(3 arrows) or 700(3.5 arrows)
-Buff NPI Hoarder to give 1 additional arrow (at least 800 NPI cap with NPI Hoarder)

Hunter Balance
-I See You Now is still very strong
--While playing Runner I only saw one Hunter using anything different; a completely new Hunter using turrets (I knew they were new because I had just played with them on my team as a Runner and they were Aspirant rank, and they were wearing the default Hunter outfit)
---I also played several matches with Drop Mines, which I enjoy using more than ICU, but they just simply aren't anywhere near as effective
---Runners can counter / fight back / actively avoid Drop Mines & turrets, but there's no real way to avoid ICU, which also acts as a hard counter to blind, the Torments only means to protect itself (and others)
----[Example 1: 2018-11-17 21-56-15 @ 5:25]
-Give turrets damage reduction while they are being constructed? Might make them easier to use and not get instantly killed before it finishes building
--Or refund part of the recharge if the turret is destroyed within 10s of deployment
-The TriSynkt with Bigger Clip ends up with 1 extra bullet leftover, dunno if you want to give it special treatment with an extra 2 bullets, remove the 1 or leave it as-is, but it's just a bit odd to equip a burst weapon that doesn't have enough ammo in the mag for a whole number of bursts


  • firstrecon5firstrecon5 Member
    edited November 2018


    Quality of life
    1. Give Runner and Hunters visual identifier of the 'Immunity Buffer' time and current number of stacks on each ability
    2. Once exits are open give visual counter of Runners remaining in the Garden (like the 'Kills Remaining' UI)
    3. Give announcement when a player disconnects or quits
    4. Change the 'disconnected' after-match icon from a person running to something more readily identifiable as 'disconnected'
    5. Change microphone icons to the following:

    • Greyed out with an X over it: Voice-chat completely disabled
    • Greyed out with a single '/' slash: Mic disabled but can still hear teamates
    • Greyed out: Push to talk enabled, not currently pressing the broadcast key
    • White: broadcasting enabled but output below dB threshold/Push to talk key pressed but output below dB threshold
    • White with little sound-waves: actively broadcasting above minimum dB threshold
    • If someone is broadcasting above dB threshold: also display White mic with soundwaves next to their name over their character

    Match Balance
    1. If Hunter causes exits to open: delay their deployment several seconds but let the Hunter see where they will be deployed to OR give the exits a door that the Runners must interact with to open similar to the exit gates in DbD
    2. Give Hunter XP rewards for disconnected Runners similar to DbD
    3. If Hunter executes someone while exits are open: block exits for several seconds OR instantly refill Hunter Stamina

    Runner Balance
    1. Buff NPI Hoarder so it gives 1 additional Vambrace Arrow
    2. Reduce NPI cost of Vambrace Arrows to 200 NPI from 333 NPI
    3. Reduce Max NPI to 600 or 700 from 999

    Hunter Balance
    1. Give Turrets damage reduction during construction OR partially refund charge if Turret is destroyed within 10s of initial deployment
    2. TrySinkt has a weird number of bullets if you have Bigger Clip; consider increasing, reducing, or leaving as-is

    Oh, I had meant to remove all of the [Example] stuff before posting, those are little notes for myself when typing. I record all of my gameplay but I don't really know anything about video editing so I've never posted it anywhere yet. If anyone wants to see a specific thing though I can try to figure out editing enough to upload short clip of it.

  • MichaelMichael Administrator, Dev admin

    Thanks for the thorough feedback, mate! NPI Hoarder should already give you an additional bolt. In other words, if you pick the NPI Hoarder perk, you should be able to (at maximum NPI capacity) shoot 4 bolts instead of 3.

    Also, keep in mind, we're in the midst of reshaping the core DG experience, and so, the game will evolve drastically in the coming weeks/months. :)

  • @Michael said:
    NPI Hoarder should already give you an additional bolt. In other words, if you pick the NPI Hoarder perk, you should be able to (at maximum NPI capacity) shoot 4 bolts instead of 3.

    Well in that case that bit of my feedback should've been over in the bugs(?) section because NPI Hoarder currently does not increase max NPI enough for an extra bolt.
    (and the math doesn't add up either: 999(base cap) *.2(NPI Hoarder tooltip) = 199.8 -> new cap = 1198.8 [1 Bolt costs 333 NPI (1198/333 = 3.6 bolts) ]

    Also, keep in mind, we're in the midst of reshaping the core DG experience, and so, the game will evolve drastically in the coming weeks/months. :)

    I know you're reshaping it and I've really enjoyed the Transition patch so far, matches are much more tug-pull between the two sides than they were before.

  • MichaelMichael Administrator, Dev admin

    We'll definitely look into the NPI Hoarder issue. Think you could submit a ticket? It would help us investigate the issue: https://support.deathgardengame.com/hc/en-us

    Glad you like the transition patch! Can't wait for you to see where it is that we're going :D

  • TimoTimo Member

    I see...I almost took the trait last match. Thanks for the Tip :D

  • voldovoldo Member

    I notice now at the end of a match, it no longer shows the runners name that were playing in the room. I wish you bring this back. I like to keep track pf people whom I think aren't playing 100% legit. Now its hard to keep track since you remove it.

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