[Feedback] Arizona Patch feedback

I meant to type this up before the Transition Patch went live, but I've been a bit busy. Here's my feedback I accumulated during the Arizona Patch.

Quality of life
-Increase interaction area of the 3 main terminals in lobby room so they're not as finicky to use
-Make information panel on the right less obtrusive when returning from a match (maybe have the updated mission stats show up on their own somewhere else instead of moving the whole panel out)
-[bug?] Movement feels a lot more 'sticky' or 'bouncy'
Hunter gets caught on terrain more frequently, runners seem to have slower response time to controls
Runners are also particular about climbing ledges if there's not much room to stand at the top (like the jungle gym in lobby)
-[bug?] Runner reticule no longer changes size depending on if running/crouching/increase from shooting - revert it please
-[Art direction?] Lighting on Arizona during certain times is a bit too much, seems to suffer from whatever the desert equivalent of snow blindness is
-[Art direction?] On Arizona there's these little dust storms like a tiny tornado, they're fine, except depending on the lighting, they can have a blue tint to them and can be mistaken for upgrade crate light reflecting off of something

-If a runner dodges directly in front of the "gate" as it's opening, they will phase through it and get into the garden a few seconds earlier than normal
-Framerate drops/stuttering consistently when you first exit the gate into the arena

Early Transition Patch feedback
I haven't gotten to play a match yet but here's my thoughts so far.

Quality of life
I thought this had been planned from the start based on the number of slots in the menu so I never mentioned it, but I guess not because there's enough weapons now for it to be done and it hasn't.
-Have each of the 3 'sections' on the weapon select screen for hunters correspond to different types of weapons.
What I mean is:
-Left 3 options are Automatics (Snakebite, Hacksaw, TriSynkt)
-Center 3 options are Shotguns (Jasper, Mauler, Sn14)
-Right 3 options are Sniper Rifles (Core, Devil's Breath) (I'm assuming 1 more sniper rifle type weapon is in development)

That way at you don't need to remember or scroll through all the weapons looking for the one you want to equip for the match. If you add in a new weapon group, create a new section. If you add in more to an existing group, give it a new row or increase the length of their section, but keep the different weapon types separate for ease-of-use.

Menu Bug
-The 'Rebuild' Mask is available to view (but not purchase or equip) by pressing 'View Set' on any currently view-able 'Rebuild' items (I'm assuming it was never released since I have all the rebuild items except for that)

Visual Bug
-Seems like if you go fully automatic on the mauler for a full mag (with Bigger Clip perk for increased mag size) the animation/projectiles/sound don't always sync up correctly.
-In the main menu (and probably in match if you do it in the lobby) switching powers from Fade to anything else while Fade is currently active will cause your weapons (only your weapons, not the hunter) to remain invisible indefinitely.

Also just want to let you guys know I'm loving the new audio on the Snakebite.


  • MichaelMichael Administrator, Dev admin
    edited November 2018

    Thanks for the feedback! Let us know what you think when you play a few matches.

  • voldovoldo Member

    I'll tell you what I don't like Devs, that one arrow that the runners can shoot that makes that high pitch noise. Jesus Christ! I have to turn down the volume when I play because its that loud. Turn that noise down or off please! Other than that.....great job. Runners aren't trying to fight the hunters as much as before. Now they are starting to fear us.

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