Is something wrong with Voice chat?

It tells me that my mics on and it shows when I speak but nobody can hear me, is it a bug? or did I just do the settings wrong? I'm not sure..


  • MichaelMichael Member ✭✭✭

    Hey there! If you've activated the voice chat feature and can't communicate with the rest of your team, I'd encourage you to submit a ticket right here:

  • Oh okay thank you =)

  • SmokePotionSmokePotion Member

    i think other people have to have voice chat on as well.
    But that being said, I've had mine on since i got it, and no one has ever spoke on it.

  • DeathDongerDeathDonger Member

    maybe join the discord ;)

  • TakunDesTakunDes Member
    edited June 8

    it needs to be turned on by default

    99% of players have voice chat disabled, please turn it on by default

    The game set it OFF by Default, i was not aware of this until like 15 hours into the game

    There's no time to type when u only have 8 minutes

  • DemonicDemonic Member

    The game's default setting doesn't actually have it on, you need to go into the general setting to change it. And because most people don't know this is off so they can't hear or respond to calls. I hope it gets fixed too, because when it is on there is no feedback that your mic is transmitting or who is talking in game unless you open the leaderboard, which won't let you complete any actions while it is on screen. Hopefully this will be addressed next update.

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