Arizona Update

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We are pleased to launch our first major content update in Early Access! Explore the new Arizona Garden and check out the latest Hunter and Runner perks, the new shotgun, and numerous balancing changes. In addition, we will be releasing weekly challenges. And, finally, we’re happy to announce that private matches are now enabled!

New Content

New Garden: Arizona – Enter the Arizona garden, a trench-filled desert landscape.

"The sun glares in your eyes, dust chokes your lungs, the heat burns your skin and every step feels harder." - Storm Ottesen, Runner

New Hunter Weapon – Say hello to Flynn SN14, a slow but powerful pump-action shotgun. This hunting shotgun has a further range (19m) and is more accurate than the other shotguns

New Hunter Perk: Quick Execute – 50% reduced Execution time at the Bloodpost.
DESIGN INTENT: Bloodpost executions have been increasingly difficult to accomplish. This new perk will be extremely useful against a team of highly coordinated Runners, capable of completing efficient, rapid Bloodpost rescues

New Runner Perk: Objective Master – 20% reduced damage when Capturing (Capture Objective) and when holding a Key (Gather & Deliver).
DESIGN INTENT: We’ve implemented this perk to further support Runners, who are actively completing Objectives

New Cosmetics – We’re introducing 10 Tier 3 complete cosmetic sets: 5 Hunter and 5 Runner sets. These include three alpha/beta favorites: the blue and black hoodie Runner outfits and the red “Blockade” set!

Private Matches – Hunters, get ready to hunt down your Runner friends; private matches are live! Interact with the Matchmaking Station to create your lobby of 4-6 players. Then, again at the Matchmaking station, chose which of you will play the Hunter.

Weekly Challenges – Complete weekly challenges to receive bonus in-game experience! Sample challenges include capturing a total of 30 Capture Points (Runner) or winning 15 Matches with the Assault Rifle (Hunter).

New Player Tooltips – In our efforts to improve new players’ experience and onboarding process, we’re adding contextual notifications/tooltips that provide players with useful in-game tips and tricks. For example, a downed Runner will receive a tooltip telling them that they should try crawling to and interacting with a Health Crate. Experienced Runners and Hunters may disable this feature via the options menu.

Matchmaking Improvements – We’ve made a first pass at improving the matchmaking experience. You should now be matched more frequently with/against players with similar game experience.

In-game News – We’ve added an in-game news feature. We’ll now be able to keep you posted on the latest Deathgarden news directly in-game.

Balancing Changes

Gather & Deliver Objective Type: Key Delivery interaction time (3 -> 4.5s)
DESIGN INTENT: Gather & Deliver has grown to be very challenging for Hunters, especially when these Hunters play against a team of coordinated Runners. The change in delivery time should give the Hunters more time to reach different key deliver locations and attempt to foil a Runner’s attempt at delivering a key

Capture Objective Type: The top of the Capture Point is no longer considered part of the Capture Zone
DESIGN INTENT: We noticed how challenging it was for Hunters to shoot Runners when they were camping on top of capture points. Since the Hunter is not as agile as the Runners, we decided to remove the Runners’ ability to capture on top.

Hunter now benefits from additional ‘Resistance’ to Vambrace Powers
After a Powered bolt’s effect has worn off and the ‘immunity period’ to that powered bolt has come to an end, a 10-second‘ resistance timer’ begins to count down.

If a Runner uses the same Powered bolt against the Hunter while ‘resistance timer’ is active, then the Hunter’s next ‘immunity period’ to that specific effect increases by 2 seconds (e.g. 5 -> 7 -> 9, etc.). This ‘Resistance period’ is reflected in the ‘immunity’ timer of that Vambrace Power (top right corner of the screen)

If the ‘resistance timer’ reaches 0 before the same effect is applied to the Hunter, the Hunter’s resistance time resets back to the default value of 5 seconds

EXAMPLE: After being stunned by a Runner, the Hunter is immune to Stun bolts for 5 seconds. Once the Hunter’s ‘immunity period’ to Stun bolts comes to an end, the 10-second‘ resistance timer’ begins. If the Hunter is hit by another Stun bolt during this time (i.e., while the 10-second resistance timer is counting down), then the Hunter’s next immunity period to Stun bolts will last 7 seconds

DESIGN INTENT: Hunters are powerful and should not be trifled with. Certain situations could occur that made this statement false (especially when facing highly organized Runner teams). This change should lessen the frustration felt by Hunters, but it should not affect Hunters with a high win rate.

'Fade' Power: When 'Fade' is active, Hunter is now automatically revealed when actively executing at the Blood Post
DESIGN INTENT: ‘Fade’ is extremely powerful, but we wanted to avoid the Hunter from being invisible during the entire chase/down/execute flow

Perk 'Marked Eye': Increased the 'Marked Eye' range (25m -> 35m)
DESIGN INTENT: We wanted to increase the usefulness of this Perk.

Perk 'Auto Collect: Increased the ‘Auto Collect’ range (8 -> 10m)
DESIGN INTENT: We wanted to increase the usefulness of this Perk. We don’t want Hunters to slow down as much as they currently do to automatically interact crate

Perk 'Hey Down There': Now includes the Runner 'Bleedout timer' for the duration of the perk’s effect
DESIGN INTENT: We wanted to increase the usefulness of the perk. This Perk now helps Hunters know whether they should send a downed Runner to the Bloodpost or let them bleed out

Ability ‘Supercharge’: Supercharge no longer increases the Hunter’s crate interaction speed (including the Golden Crate)
DESIGN INTENT: Supercharge already allows Hunters to cross the map very quickly, and chase Runners almost anywhere, we believe the Hunter did not need that secondary bonus

Runners can now rotate ('steer') during Evades
DESIGN INTENT: We always wanted to provide a more ‘ninja’ like experience for Runners. This is one small step in that direction

Increased NPI from 'Danger Close' action (15 -> 25 NPI)
DESIGN INTENT: the changes we made to Danger Close in our previous patch were a bit too severe. We want to adequately reward players for being close to the Hunter

Tier 3 Virus Bolt Bonus: Stamina burn (50 -> 35%)
DESIGN INTENT: The original value of this Bonus could create almost unmanageable situations for the Hunter. And so, we felt it necessary to address the situation

BattlEye – BattlEye, our anti-cheat software, is now active!

Bug Fixes

  • You should no longer receive a “Crash Report” upon quitting to your desktop
  • Runner groups should no longer be split upon joining a game
  • Powered bolt and Regular bolt reticles are now the same size
  • Runners can no longer prevent downed Runner’s from interacting with Health crates
  • A Runner who is downed and “ragdolls” out of bounds while another Runner is being sent to the Bloodpost will no longer be eliminated
  • Minor UI bug fixes
  • Hunter & Runner animation bug fixes
  • Audio bug fixes


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