[Feedback] Previous patch feedback

Since the Arizona patch is now live, I'll post what feedback I accumulated during the previous patch.

Quality of life
-Update tooltip of the Auto Collect perk to include the increased range (implemented in Arizona patch)
-When crouched in the grass and aiming up as runner, try to keep the camera above the grass so it doesn't block the camera view
(try crouching in grass below a cliff and looking up at the hunter standing on the ledge, the grass will block your vision. makes shooting very difficulty from this position)

Slightly reduce damage scaling/max damage on hacksaw, it kills effectively instantly at close range once it has enough upgrades.
(I saw it kill someone in less time than it takes for 2 autoshotgun shots. )

[BUGS] (I'll send in a ticket too since both of these are still around after the patch)

-If you interact with an upgrade crate while scoped with a sniper rifle (this works with both rifles), it forces you to unscope upon completion (doesn't matter if you scoped in before or after you started interaction or if you were using autocollect)

-Standing near the video stations in the tutorial zone with Auto Collect equipped will cause the 'unable to perform action' sound (not sure what it actually is called) to play repeatedly. (that sound that plays if you try and overcharge or stun without enough stamina)
Only happens with the video stations near crates, and only if you've already taken the crate with Auto Collect.

Preemptive Arizona patch feedback
I haven't gotten to play any matches yet, but reading the update notes I have these thoughts

Objective Master
-Have the damage reduction persist or decay over several seconds once the runner exits the capture area on capture & hold modes rather than immediately be removed
Since the hunter can contest this objective type by being in the area, if the hunter is shooting at the runner they will also probably be contesting already or will be within a few seconds, so the runner will probably run out of the capture area (and lose the damage reduction)

-Remove the "only winning matches count" requirement
Some of the missions require the hunter/runners to bring specific stuff which is beyond your control, limiting the matches where you can try to complete the mission. Reducing that further by requiring a win could make missions very difficult for less skilled players.
Case-in-point: I got a mission to destroy 50 landmines as a runner, but in my experience, hunters with landmines are pretty rare.


  • HybridHybrid Member
    edited September 2018

    I have some feedback too. I know SteamDB says there aren't exactly a huge number of players, but I can't get any match at all as Hunter right now. It's probably because of the new matchmaking system, but it punishes those of us who have been most loyal to the game and gotten our ranks rather high.

    Guess I'm going back to not playing Deathgarden while I wait for balance to be addressed seriously enough for players to actually return, and for matchmaking to be fixed.

  • MichaelMichael Member ✭✭✭

    Hey there. Thank you for the feedback, @firstrecon5

    @Hybrid , our matchmaking improvements shouldn't affect your queue times; rather, it should simply match you with players that are close to your own level more often/whenever possible.

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