Screen resolution off

So when I start up the game the resolution seems off and when I get to the title screen it is off centered to the bottom right and I am unable to enter the main menu or even exit the game.


  • So i downloaded it onto my PC and didnt have an issue except for the god awful FPS. so i'm only having issues on my HP Omen laptop... not sure how to fix it.

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  • Hey, I ran into the same problem and since there was not a solution here, I decided to fix it myself. What I found was to enforce the resolution in the game settings ini. This is located in C:\Users[Your Name Here]\AppData\Local\TheExit\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor . Do not worry about the name being "TheExit" as this is Deathgarden's Unreal project name. I fixed the DesiredScreenWidth and DesiredScreenHeight values and enabled these options by toggling bUseDesiredScreenHeight to "True". Give it a try and see if it works for you.

    This probably is not the correct fix to this issue as the values reset back to a 720 resolution, but it gets the job done.

  • So for some reason I can't find the App data folder in my laptop but I just downloaded the early access version and I'm still having the same problem :( works fine on my PC though.

  • Didn't work, thanks for trying though!

  • MichaelMichael Administrator, Dev admin

    @Spinksickles said:
    Didn't work, thanks for trying though!

    Hey there! If these issues persist, please contact customer support:

  • So when I run any game on my laptop without it plugged into the charger, the graphics card swaps to the intel, but when it's plugged into a charger it swaps to my 1050ti. so when I booted up DGwithout my charger it actually ran normally so I'm beginning to think it's an issue with the game in terms of NVidia cards?

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    I was having the same problem as well, I tried doing what LookLotsOfPeople said and it didn't but work. Then I tried to change the fullscreen mode by changing FullscreenMode=0 to 1 and the game started in the resolution that i put in on DesiredScreenWidth and DesiredScreenHeight. It still looks like the game is in fullscreen also.

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