Upgrade the personal Lockerroom


Why can't I reload arrows, get upgrades and try out different things, like laying out caltrops, while waiting for a match?
The fact that I shoot five times and am out is silly as finding a match takes 3-5 minutes during Primetime US.

Eventually I think you could sell a cheap cosmetic that adds to a person's waiting room, the current one is spartan. Give us things like 'a Dojo'. Make it an item set that characters could decorate with.


  • MichaelMichael Administrator, Dev admin

    Hey there! Have you tried going to the other end of the Locker Room? You can access the tutorial area, and in there, you will find all the crates you need.

  • dezzmontdezzmont Member

    I think having the tutorial area be replaced by a sort of range would make more sense. Being able to test spreads, damage falloff, practice on target dummies, set your upgrade level, ect is very useful and would make more sense for most players to have rather than a tutorial room that is juuuuust annoying enough to get out of to not be fun, but not annoying enough that you don't go there.

    edited August 2018

    I would say atleast give us unlimited ammo so we can pew pew while we wait.

    You can do a cut through to make the tutorial shorter but isnt worth it for 10 arrows. I think a range, with practice targets (stationary or moving), would be much more enjoyable while waiting for a match.
    The tutorial is useful, once and only once. It's currently using up a lot of real estate that players will never look at twice.

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