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I've only recently got on this game, and I suck at being a Hunter, especially when it gets to the Blood post. It's so hard to win a fight there.

Can anyone give me some tips, for example, how do you effectively interrupt a runner saving his teammate, every time no matter what I do, they somehow continue to do so.

btw, I have heard that in this game it's more hunter-sided, but it's so easy to win as runners.


  • DarkyoshDarkyosh Member

    It is because the game is currently very heavily biased towards runners. The best strat is if you can get the golden crate and use the stun over and over but that will still not be particularly effective if you have 2-3 runners who know what they are doing as they can keep you unable to execute still. I think one of the better strats is to attempt to keep 2-3 down and send one to be executed and then make the choice if you wish to camp the dead to try to get them to bleed out instead. You could alternatively sacrifice the downed and go to try to execute at this point as there is a reasonable chance they will prioritize having their team revived, at this point you might wana consider settings mines/turrets if you are running them or if you can watch the bodies with a sniper. This also is good if you are not quite at the execution block by the time it is up but can likely see the runner trying to revive his friend.

  • dezzmontdezzmont Member

    Don't stand directly on the post when the runner pops out. Wait watching it from a small distance and instead counter engage on any runners going to the post. If you engage on a runner its harder for them to CC you the second you attack them, meaning its more likely you will get a down. You also want to try to use your stun late in the rescue timer to maximize how many times you can reset their rescue. Shotgun+AR is the best combo for defending the post as it gives you the most burst kill potential.

    Vs good teams the bloodpost is far less about actually getting the kill and far more about getting more downs to continually charge the bloodpost so you can lock them down at the post. Good teams WILL get the rescue, but you can force them to rescue again and again until someone bleeds out or they just are forced to back off.

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