NPI Community Clan (DG+DBD)

Hello, fellow DeathGarden players!

NPI is a Deathgarden (+Dead By Daylight) community started by @Swat1801#6281 and me. Our community has no set region,

  • English speaking players
  • +15 are welcome to join :smile:.
  • We' ve got free roles for runners & hunters to welcome every sportmanship and mature kind of mindset. In summary we are a bunch of peole that like playing together and have a great time in voice chat.
    >! Age restriction is here to keep immature behavior (joining into VC- screaming, ragequitting, flaming etc.) out of our member's daily experience. Exceptions apply of course.
    >! In short we just dont want dickheads to be around lol.

Thanks for paying us mind, we hope to see you in our RWF lobbies!

@[NPI] MimimiLalala#4058


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