Runner tips from a guy with 30 hours.

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Hi fellow runners got some good tips.

first. stop doing the objectives at the start! get those upgrades they are very strong and will benefit your team when in a chase.

learn to play 2 classes.
why? because if everyone is a support and you need a bloodpost rescue youre doomed. be aware what your team is choosing and adapt to that.

tip 3:
look around you before you take that upgrade crate! teammates around you might want it too. press q while standing next to it to broadcast.

tip 4: bushes. hide in them they are so overpowered. sometimes killers will scout them out keep that in mind. dont go in a bush when you break line of sight for 1 second.

tip 5: breaking line of sight. the killer is in first person vieuw. take advantage of this! use the trees the walls the structures!

my opinion on the game right now.

both sides need tweeks: the stun shotgun and cloak shotgun seem really strong.
the cooldown for arrows needs to be bigger. if you have a 5 man on coms i dont see a hunter winning any time soon.

but im in love with the game i cant see me quiting any time soon. keep it up devs!


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