Best Hunter loadout?

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I've played a bit of hunter lately (I only had to wait 2 seconds rather than the runners 4 minutes for a game lol) and I found that the shotguns don't seem to be good at all. Is there a loadout that people use that's good? I wan't to actually win a game as hunter.


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    Generally seeing people use the autoshotgun with the bolt-action rifle.

    The shotgun is the best weapon for close range, since you just just press Q and unload.
    The rifle is for picking people off at a distance, generally people who are revealed by the objectives.

    Fade is pretty broken atm. Using it with autoshotty can get free downs on unsuspecting runners.

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    VS uncordinated teams, you can use fade, turrets, or mines, and the AR and Auto shotgun, AR and bolt action, or auto shotgun and bolt action.

    Even vs uncordinated teams, using the LMG's reload makes it a dead weapon the second they get T3 degen. The semi auto sniper rifle is an actual joke and any time I have seen a hunter take it I have seen the controls and torments swarm them knowing they were running singleton weapon and thus literally couldn't die. I see you doesn't actually work.

    Vs Coordinated teams your just kinda... screwed tbh, but your best bet is an autoshotty+AR. The shotty is extreme burst, but the AR gets damage over the game and thus will ramp up unlike the shotty's reduced spread or the sniper's faster firing time. The sniper also suffers heavily vs teams that are agressive with power usage because they can instantly see when you aim down sights and just blind, stun, or degen you to make your shot not count, and the level of DPS you need to get through a support triage is insane. All of the powers work way worse vs coordinated teams. Fade will not let you sneak up on folks, but is a purge. Turrets flush folks out but will go down really fast. Mines at least let you force folks to not facetank you on the point if they are trying to hold you there. Fade is likely the best, but rest assured it isn't because it actually makes you sneaky, it just lets you get rid of a blind at a critical moment, and I am not razzed about how easy it is for hunters to just negate the hunter's power in any case.

    The hunter really only has two perks. Faster Stamina Regen, and faster reload. Reload is necessary for many DPS checks vs the hunters and without it you will struggle to get anything done when the hunters are resisting you, like bloodposts. Stamina regen is critical because good runners will try to deliberately test your stamina reserves, as you do not have enough even with the perk to defend all the objectives. If you are doing capture point rather than keys and don't have stamina regen you just flat out auto lose vs good teams. Clip size doesn't assist you in scenarios where you need to reload while defending something like a post, because even with the size you will still need to reload, and is just weaker in general because of how degen t3 makes fast reloads critical.

  • Very true Dezzmont. My load out is the normal shotgun and the ar. I might go to full auto shotgun. But the normal shotgun makes me nut. Especially with the aqua skin. My ar also makes me nut for the cannibal skin I have on it. I found that combo works really well for me. I try to find weaknesses in survivors but it's just so hard. I tried to use snipers but they don't work out for me (even though I main the sniper in any game) But I will say the bolt action sniper is the best sniper I have used. I have also noticed that skins break away like it got scratched and teared off, why does that happen?

  • Normal shotty + AR and turrets with visible items 25m and stamina recovery perks

  • That's basically what I have besides from the perks. My perks are more ammo from crates and more ammo in the magazine

  • Has any hunter tested to see if he 15% stamina recovery is actually worth it? I am thinking about replacing that with more ammo in my mag... I’m rank Q almost R hunter rn

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