Some thoughts on "I See You" power

HybridHybrid Member
edited August 2018 in Hunters

For one thing, I think it needs a different name. The other three are actual objects or powers (though "drop mine" should be "proximity mine" or similar). How would that be talked about in the commentator's booth? "I see our Hunter in today's match has powered his suit with I See You."

How about "Target Scan", or "Enemy Scan"? If you wanted it to be overly pompous, it could even be something like "All-seeing Eye".

I think it also needs more unique sounds when it actually locates Runners. Using the same sound as the "objective in danger" siren is not good. It's also not good for the sound to just be overlapped/louder when finding multiple Runners at once. Have six unique sounds based on how many Runners you found: zero, one, two, three, four, five Runners.

I also think it could stand to have its range increased just a little. Just by a few more yards. It's a very nice power when it works, but it feels like a huge letdown when it finds nothing. This is in contrast to turrets and mines that at least stick around, and invisibility which lasts so long and has such short cooldown.


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