Runner tips

If I have learned anything about being a runner it's all about mind games
Mine games are key. this is a key strategy to escaping the hunter and saving other teammates, this works best for Controls since they are able to use Slow bolts and Stun bolts, and in worse case scenarios, Degenerate bolts.

Using stun caltrops on the edge of a cliff after you have climbed it can really save you and put a lot of distance between you and the hunter since it would send the hunter back to the bottom of the cliff.

Bushes are also useful for hiding as mentioned in tutorial area, but you can evolve that with blind caltrops. if the hunter is near you and you are not sure weather he has saw you or not, drop a blind caltrop and if you can spare it, reveal bolt, and make a swift escape while they are unable to see.

Map edge
I learned a new trick recently which works with any class, but works best with control. I used the map edge wall and clinged to it while being chased, when the hunter got too close to the edge, I hit them with a stun bolt tier 2 and knocked him off the edge when I climbed back up. this requires precision and timing to be able to pull this off

Well I hope these advanced tips helped, give it a thumbs up if it did!


  • FrostlaseFrostlase Member

    Thanks for the cliff tip! I do this with stun bolts, but that's usually when someone else is being chased and I'm helping them out of a sticky situation. Caltrops are a bit underused, and I'm guilty of underusing them. I've definitely been trying to get myself out of the habit though, so hopefully a few of these techniques will help!

    Your last tip sounds like it would be fun to try out.

  • FlatopiaFlatopia Member

    patiently thumbs through runner tips to up my hunter game
    for real though, I have some perspectives on these tips as some have been done to me!
    Except the ledge lol. I have very careful and have avoided that ever since I noticed stun bolts move me a bit.

    But anyways, on the top of cliffs. if you do climb up and bait the hunter to chase you, a caltrop for slow/stun/blind/reveal can be frustrating for the hunter big time.
    Bushes next to the bloodpost is a great spot to hide while you rescue your friends for a sneaky rescue, but watch out for patient hunters who wait to see who tries to rescue first. The blue line, as you expect, is still visible while interacting. Try to move close once your sure he's hit with a few bolts like virus, blind, and stun.
    Cliffs are scary because if a hunter realizes your near a cliff ledge clinging, he can zap you with a stun field and make you instantly regret that decision. That being said it does put him at risk.

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