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I defended Turrets prior while pushing for a few changes towards them the last time I played.
I don't like slinging "too op" and "nerf pls" because I prefer the adapt mentality and that too many nerfs and the game will just be runners being able to do anything they want to the hunter.

So I thought it'd be a good time to discuss the current changes and how I feel, and what more can be done.
On the weapons, I have no clue on any numbers on any of this, so please bear in mind on that.
Assault rifle feels better, I can't describe it but I think the handling was improved. Maybe I'm crazy but I like it more now.
The two shotguns feel samey? The auto shotgun is a clear winner in my book for it's shorter reload and rapid firing. The small bit of range loss isn't terrible and the damage feels very comparable. I would like some changes to differentiate the shotties more. Also two shots on marking with shotguns seems strange but maybe I'm not used to it yet.
The sniper rifles I feel are a pretty clear nerf. The handling on the semi auto sniper makes it feel like a Counter Strike weapon. It's very obviously worse but still has a role to fill. With the crazy recoil it kinda removes the point of a semi-auto sniper, but I can get past it for the most part, even if it does feel a lot less fun. The new bolt action however is just silly. For how unreasonably ridiculous the reload was I was expecting a one shot on upper torso hits which I wasn't looking forward too. But it doesn't? At least it didn't when I used it and I don't think they all had shield. I think the reload animation is just too slow really, bring it down to normal levels or maybe a bonus effect like minor object piercing? I dunno, I think it needs something at it's current place.

I'll save powers for last, but the minor changes are worthy of discussion too. Melee now does far less stun, does damage, and now can be used three times. I think it's kind of a small bandaid on the shotgun-stun combo that introduces a few other problems. I find myself just chasing some poor runner and simply meleeing him to death lol. I don't think that is it's intended effect at all. If I had to quickly think of something maybe have the stun duration be affected by their current action? Jumping, climbing, reviving, etc and maybe they get the old stun duration? The damage just seems a bit strange, it's purpose a bit muddled I guess. Other than that I feel ALOT less able to just Hulk Jump across the map. I get the reasoning behind preventing such, but it's also not as fun with how the charge doesn't let me feel as mobile. Maybe decrease the drain to compensate? I'unno.

Okay the abilities. Oof.
Let's get the old news out, Turrets are better! I think they're more fun and they took my old recommendation lemme just take credit for that real quick that they should have a build time. I especially like that only special bolts can hurt it during build time. The blood post area of denial may be a bit too wide, but hey I'll take what I can get. I think it's a bit strange that a central objective can't be protected by your turrets, even if I do understand it's to let runners have more a chance at soloing. Maybe when the full game launches and runners learn to cooperate more the area can be made smaller near blood post. So it's a clear nerf, but at least it wasn't as bad as some people we're demanding in the beta lmao.
Mines are fine, so hey cool beans. I see you deserves a biiit of a range increase imo to stay competitive with the other powers but otherwise pretty good.

But let's talk about the problem child. Invisibility. I can't mince words, this thing is overpowered by a very clear margin. Ironically it isn't the invisibility itself that's OP. Sacrificing area of denial and the easier time of finding runners for the ability to essentially make your map presence and buff your camping ability seems fine, honestly.
It's the dang cleanse effect.
Whyyyyyyyyy?? Why add that? Why remove the one direct way runners can impact you? You buffed torment by giving them blind, so I see ALOT more viruses which is great! It makes blood post confrontations alot more fun and engaging, but you ruined it by giving them a cleanse. That's crazy. I really really think cleanse should not be added to the invis, or at the very least it shouldn't impact Virus. It makes the hunter far too able to muscle through bolts and ignore any and all threats to the blood post. This is easily the biggest mark on balance right now, and should be dealt with.

What do you think, I've been a dedicated hunter main and want nothing more than to have great matches involving teamwork on the runner's part, alongside a hunter having a diverse and fun kit to deal with them.


  • CD2CD2 Member

    I feel that the shotguns are still OP, I just cant lose when using them together, and a shotgun invisibility combo is ridiculously OP to the point where it is no longer fun. I've gotten to the stage where I'm just not using the shotguns or invisibility to give the runners a chance, opting for the AR and LMG and turrets.

    But the sniper-rifles have just been over-nerfd, especially the "All Sniper Rifles deal 50% less damage to Runners within a 15-meter range" change which is just stupid. Also if they are going to add scope drift then add some sort temporary or stamina reducing counter to steady the weapon it just feels like you need luck for your shots(please correct me if im wrong).

  • FlatopiaFlatopia Member

    I wouldn't even say the shotguns are OP due to good teams being able to get away and daisy chain bolts to give the hunter a seizure lol.
    Shotguns are a noob stomping weapon, but they're also what feels like an essential tool against a good team coordinating.

    which I think will be a theme. Alot of balance points completely change once you up the skill of all runners in the match, suddenly being able to go invis and use the auto shotgun is more necessary.
    It's so unfun and pubstompy, but also your only ticket to winning a truly hard match. Hopefully rankings would fix this.

  • CD2CD2 Member

    For sure a hunter can be defeated by good teamwork, but if I just run up to a runner close range with the auto-shotty I'll down them easily, I just like a bit more of a challenge.

    Also I think that the bolt action sniper would be viable if the reload time and sway were decreased.

  • FlatopiaFlatopia Member

    The reload time without the perk feels, seriously, like a glitch

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