Invisibility change suggestions

Hi everyone

I would like to suggest some changes to the hunter's invisibility, coming from having played a nice couple of matches against cloaked hunters, some with an especially 'strong' combo making use of the auto-shotgun (a weapon which deserves its own balancing discussion still in another topic).

From what I could see on the hunter side, ability duration is 18 seconds and cooldown is ~15 seconds, correct me if I'm wrong please. Runners can reveal the hunter slightly (makes the hunter look a bit like black smoke) only with Torment's reveal but otherwise it's very hard to make out, other than by audio cues. Nothing breaks hunter cloak as far as I know, meaning it can shoot, interact and use powers etc. during while staying cloaked the entire time.

The ammount of benefits a hunter gets from invisibility are very powerful, especially in synergy with certain builds and loadouts, therefore I'm thinking of a mechanic like they have in Dead by Daylight for the Wraith, or similarly tweaked:

-Hunter has to decloak for a moment before he can shoot, like in DbD and claok goes on cooldown.
(which would change the cloak playstyle alot and I am not sure if that would be the right approach though)
-Hunter loses cloak either the instant he fires / after a short delay after he fires and cloak goes on cooldown.
(which still gives the hunter the advantage of being cloaked and making a suprise attack but takes away the 'constant' cloak assaults and chases)
-Hunter loses cloak for let's say 5 seconds the instant he fires, duration goes on in the background and hunter will go back into cloak for the remaining of the duration whenever 5 seconds have passed without firing.
(still benefits the hunter from full cloak duration even if he decides to take a shot, without making combat engagements seem unfair)

Any ideas for some kind of fair restriction to the ability becoming too powerful while still remaining a viable pick are most preferable since the invisibility playstile does have its cool aspects and should be fun to play and play against.
Feel free to contribute your thoughts and ideas.


  • AricusAricus Member


    Getting two shotted with the shotgun from invisible before you even know what's there is not fun for anyone

  • BluewolfBluewolf Member

    I was in a game that the hunter would constantly use the fade power (like activate after the cool down immediately) and its such a powerful power to have now. I tried it my self and they had a hard time figuring where I was. I would see them and they wouldn't see me, I go behind them and spam the shotgun on them. I feel like there should be sound when ever you walk while invis because it makes it hard to avoid this, but you could just stay hidden when you hear the music when hes nearby but that just makes it so if the player is trying to say capture a point and the hunter is nearby, then the hunter goes behind him and just shoots like crazy. I think there should be foot step noises and also when ever they shoot or do the shock stun they should be revealed for a couple of seconds then go back to invis.

  • SnowyAspireSnowyAspire Member
    edited August 2018


    its a bit overpowered, I keep losing against fade but anything else I can play against just fine.

    a nice change would be halfing the inflicted damage while in cloak

  • FrostlaseFrostlase Member

    I think it's a great and rightful tool for the Hunter, but it is very difficult to combat as it is right now.

    I agree with automatically uncloaking the moment he fires his gun - honestly, the fact that he's able to sneak up on you (normally with a shotgun) is enough of a benefit on the Hunter's end. Additionally, he needs to have some kind of visual effect, or an automatic uncloaking when he's interacting with the Bloodpost. It's actually too difficult to see him when he's actually doing it.

    I'm fine with there being no timer to uncloak, but there needs to be some kind of change to it.

  • +1

    I also agree on the change being needed. Also the auto shotgun. Needs tweaks.

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