Early access keys for anchors

I played Deathgarden during alpha/beta and pre-ordered the game. I know you always give some keys(early access keys after 14th Aug) to some anchors in China for publicizing Deathgarden. However, some anchor friends in China told me that their manager gave them no more than one key(someone told me he had 5 keys), and they will appreciate sending those keys as a gift to their audiences. It is unfair and disappointed for who spend $29.99. :(


  • LeviLevi Member, Moderator mod
    edited August 2018

    You said it yourself, if the devs are giving keys to Chinese anchors to publicize the game, then only one key is given to that anchor so the game can be promoted. Everybody else needs to purchase the game, which i don't understand how you see that as unfair and disappointing when you or the audience of the anchors are not an anchor. I am unsure who you talked to that said they have 5 keys or how they got them.

    If the devs wish to give more than one pre-order key ($29.99 value) to the anchors for giveaways I am sure they would have, but at this time it doesn't appear they wish to do so.

    For those that have played during the Alpha and Beta OR purchased the deluxe edition for $29.99 can play before the Early Access (Aug 9-13th). On August 14th Early Access begins and only those who purchased the deluxe edition can play.

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