Proposal - Turret Change

I heard/read, that a lot of people do not the current state of the turrets. Too good aim, ridiculous fast lock-on, tons of damage.
I got a proposal regarding these little bulletsticks:
Make them lose their health continuously with an uninterrupted livespan of about 30sec. Every damage they recieve shortens their livespan, chips off some health. The less health, the faster they shoot, to make up for the easy destructability.

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  • FlatopiaFlatopia Member

    They actually do have a lifespan, though it is not tied to their health.
    A key issue people have with them often is tied that they cannot escape, often because the turrets themselves are used in an offensive manner. Instead of being used as area denial or defense the hunter will often use them during a chase or if he's lost sight so that he can have an auto-aim buddy.
    I think that turret's being used in a defensive manner is fine, even on blood-posts as that is their intended purpose.

    My proposition, so that they are more of a defensive investment is to give them a build time of maybe 4 or 5 seconds, during which they take extra damage.
    This would immediately fix them as a chase option, as a "rat them out" option that intervenes on I See You's role as a tool, and offer a more long-term defensive option that, if left alone, could turn into something more effective than landmines, which are the quicker and more easily dealt with defensive option.
    This would also fix the "I cannot get away" issue because if you DO enter an area with a turret then it becomes deserved, you entered it's effective range thus you should be shot at until you break line of sight or leave.
    This also fixes the problem that many runners often complain about, which is that they're too hard to destroy. As if you see him build it you could destroy it faster, and his next turret will be on cooldown, but if he build them prior and is inattentive about defending them from careful and peaking runners then he will lose them.

  • SnozerSnozer Member

    turrets take a century to spawn.. just run away and they are useless....

  • DarkyoshDarkyosh Member
    edited August 2018

    I think turrets are fine currently. I think they need a slight buff if I am honest. They are fairly terrible currently due to low accuracy, long spawn times, and low health.

  • dezzmontdezzmont Member

    The issue with turrets is, like many mechanics the hunter has, they are really strong vs newer players who don't dogpile snipe the turrets from far, but weak against groups that will literally never allow that turret to fully deploy.

  • thirsttythirstty Member
    edited August 2018

    Turrets are absolutely worthless against any runner thats not an aspirant. Just A-D-A-D strafe from cover or outrange the turret. IF anything turrets NEED a buff, not a nerf.

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