Hunter is really boring to play

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It's like putting shapes into those sorting boxes. There is no depth to playing Hunter. All you need is slight game sense and relatively okay aim. Use the stun+shotgun combo and you'll get downs. I'm sitting here at almost 70 games played and a 100% win ratio. There have been games where I was challenged a bit more, those were fun - though it was always heavily one sided.

I have a few changes I'd like to see implemented for EA launch;

  • At the minimum, double the time it takes to bleed out as a Runner.
  • Remove the Hunter stun and replace it with something that doesn't outright immobilize Runners and make them susceptible to one fatal shotgun blast.
  • Cut away 50% of the shotgun's mag size and increase it's spread or reduce it's damage.
  • Reduce the bloom on all Hunter weapons and make them do slightly less damage. Hunters with good aim won't be bothered by this change.

  • Small turret rework: if you are within it's range & LoS when the Hunter places it and you remain still, it won't target you. Think of it as the turret having a movement sensor.

  • Small mine rework: exact same as the turret rework mentioned above. If the Hunter places the mine in range of you, it won't go off until you decide to move.

  • Runner nerf: Disallow the ability as a Runner to infinitely heal themselves as Support when under effect of infinite NPI.

I feel like the 2 reworks I mentioned will remove the ability for those 2 gadgets to act as a tracking mechanism. It would promote more I See You gameplay, as that ability is supposed to be the true tracker. This is my take on balance suggestions, feel free to comment.


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    I really couldn't agree more. Played lots of hunter the last 5 days as well. Stun, turrets, shotgun. The holy trinity that requires 0 skill to achieve an easy win. I lost 1 game as the hunter so far and that was because I had 6 runners in the game instead of 5 yet had to execute 4 of them (???).
    Through tons of teamwork, NPI and upgrade parts you have a sliiiight chance to win as a runner though.
    I know behavior isn't famous for it's skills in balancing their games but THIS is a catastrophe. It's not only boring, repetitive and non challenging as a hunter, it's also a pain in the *** to play as runner against a hunter abusing the stun/turret/shotgun combo. And yes, I said abusing because this just can't be the hunter the devs had in mind. That'd be madness tier 3.

    I'd love if they would atleast buff the runners speed... they're runners yet the hunter has 0 issues catching up. Would be really cool if the runners speed increases the longer they run, for example 1% faster every 5 seconds up to a maximum of 10% (=10% faster than the hunter). I mean, he has long range weapons at his disposal yet never needs to use it because the shotgun tops everything right now especially because you can easily headshot stunned runners (=insta down).

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    Good Feedback and great suggestions.

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    Hey guys,

    now here is my view on hunter:

    First of all, I'm not very skilled! That makes playing the hunter really difficult for me, more than playing runner. My issue is, that a mistake on playing hunter grants you more severe consequences. I feel chances for a win dropping dramatically, if you can't control the hunter very well. The barriers and limits you need to have a eye on, makes it harder to play.

    Unfortunately I don't see a good chance to get used to play him. :'(

    Would be lovely, if the matchmaking will ensure not to mix high skilled runners with hunter noob. =)

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    Couldn't agree more to all of this.

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