Information on saving runners

Hey, so I thought I'd point out a few things that not everyone seems to have realised yet on the topic of saving people.


If a runner is downed then a bleed out timer begins, and if this timer runs out then the runner will die. The bleed out timer becomes shorter every time a runner is downed, so you have less time to save someone who has been downed three times than someone who has only been downed once. This means that at the start of the match you often can leave someone who is bleeding out for a bit if making the save would be dangerous, whereas later in the match you need to risk dangerous saves to prevent team-mates from bleeding out.


There will be an audio notification whenever a team-mate is downed, is saved, or bleeds out. If you miss these audio notifications you can tell if someone is downed as when you look in their direction you as will see an icon of a fallen person next to their name and their bleed out timer. When making decisions about saves you should be considering if you can see any other players by the downed person - you can tell as multiple names will be close together - and how much time is left on their bleed out timer.


Support players can revive people using their fully-upgraded heal arrow. This is an awesome ability, because it makes saves much faster and safer: you can even save someone while the hunter is standing on top of them. If you are playing support you should fully upgrade your heal arrow as soon as you can, as this ability is so freaking clutch.


The red boxes dotted around the map are healing points. You can use these not only to regenerate health when you are up and running, but also to save yourself when you are downed. If you're downed it's often a good idea to start crawling towards a healing point, as it will allow you to save yourself if your team is otherwise occupied.


You will usually need at least two people to save someone from a blood post execution: one to disrupt and distract the hunter, then another to make the save. While it is possible for a runner to save someone from the blood post alone, it is incredibly difficult to do so if the hunter is there. If you see someone has been sent to the blood post then you should either be going to the blood post to help with the save, tailing and bullying the hunter, or getting an objective so the hunter must choose between making a sacrifice or preventing progress. You do not have time to be messing about with upgrades or the like when someone has been sent to the blood post.

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