Advanced Runner Tips

Here are some tips that I either haven't seen on the forums or don't think are especially obvious at first.

Runner states are revealed on the top left. Red mask with the plus means they’re bleeding out. Grey with dash means they’re dead. Yellow blood post is loading execution (which is when you’ll want to head towards the post and help prevent the execution) and red blood post means execution/rescue available.

Top right displays status effects on the Hunter, helpful for showing blind/stun durations as well as stun/blind immunity cooldowns so you can better time your NPI arrows rather than waste them spamming.

Marking objects lasts for 30 seconds.
The maximum amount of basic arrows is 20.
The maximum amount of upgrade parts is 5.

Faint red glowing will pulse over upgrade stations and crates when a killer has interacted with it, this means when you interact with it, it will reveal you for a short period of time.

NPI is essentially the ammo for your ability arrows. Ability arrows are A LOT more effective against turrets than basic arrows.

You gain NPI points (ammunition) from marking objects, capturing objectives, or even hitting the Hunter with a basic arrow. If you’re in a team fight and run out of NPI you can use the basic arrows to get a LITTLE NPI back.
Note that hitting the Hunter with a basic arrow will do nothing other than grant you a few NPI points.

Blue upgrade crates are on pretty short cooldowns, try find two close enough together to farm enough upgrades before you start trying to capture points. Without upgrades you're especially vulnerable and can't contribute to team fights.

If you fall off the map (or get blown off by explosions and whatnot) the blood post gets 2 charges, and you'll respawn in the starting chamber. Unless the blood post already has a charge, then you will be sent immediately to the blood post.

The Runners ability to wall climb can be SUPER useful when trying to evade a Hunter. Try bait out their boost jump by running up a wall, having them chase you back down, and then climbing it again.

If you’re really close to fully capturing an objective pylon and the Hunter engages you. Try commit to finishing it by juking them up and down the pylon and around it.

You can press Q when standing right NEAR an objective circle to let your team know you’re ready to try capture it together. This is helpful in solo queues, as you should be grouping.

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