Bloodpost strats for runners from a hunter.

Has the unthinkable happened? Has the person who has managed to not touch a single point, only gather a single upgrade, and roamed near the middle finally been knocked down three times, despite your carefully aimed health shots, and sent to the blood post?
Well golly, looks like your hunter is planning to execute your weight friend. The hunter is also armed with his trusty shotgun and his two pals, turrets named pain and suffering. Great! Now, it's up to you lot to save him.

As a hunter player, I've noticed what works and what doesn't even when I try my hardest with my best equipment. I won't say for certain how effective these are against the future pros and the game when it hits in retail, out of 30 or so matches I have only lost twice. Alongside that, I feel like I have to preface with this: This is my experience, and if you have more ideas, or even better ones, feel free to say them.

Alright, here's the big spoiler for all of it, right? All of what I'm going to say can be summarized in this blanket advice.
Play as a gosh dang team.
Don't worry, I will elaborate and give my thoughts on actual roles, plans, gear, odd quirks, and counter strategies you may encounter.

  1. Use your bolts. Yeah no duh, but you'd surprised just how effective they are when used properly. Keep in mind, special darts do extra damage to turrets no matter the dart, so every special dart has at least that role to play and can be utilized in some small way. Every role has things they can do with any of their bolts, and I'll discuss the ones I dread, as a hunter, the most and how ones that may seem useless may have applications. Obvious gold sticker goes to the stun darts, as they immediately cancel all actions the hunter is doing and moves their position slightly. This is powerful for reasons I shouldn't have to explain so I'll move on. Reveal darts show the turret's for your partners who may not see it so you can focus it, alongside doing the bonus special dart damage if you land them dead on. Heal and shield darts can be used on any brave soul distracting either the hunter or his turrets. Degenerate helps add to that by making the hunter do less damage to those brave soldiers. With all three combined, the hunter will feel as if the runner in question is immortal. Something I would like to test is if the forced reload from degenerate cannot be cancelled and stops the execution progress. I'd know if more people used it. Blind works just as you think, he is unable to react to most threats that fling in from all sides, so keep those flashbangs up. Slow, while it may not stop him from murdering your friend on the chopping block, can stop him from going to the other side to murder your friend trying to save your friend on the blood post. Virus deserves special mention, as it feels this was it's intended function, it slows down the execution progress to a near halt and practically puts a forcefield preventing him from activating. Truth be told I'm floored that Virus is not taken more just for that purpose alone. As you can see these can all work well when just flung at the hunter, but in collaboration it makes it near impossible to not save your friend.
    With all this said and done. Keep cooldowns on bolt's effects in mind and don't just spam at the first chance. Coordination is what wins blood posts in one attempt.

  2. Bushes. These things are so powerful. Use them. In nearly every situation this works in the runner's favor. If you see your friend get sent to the blood post, you should always attempt to have a hold on the area prior to the hunter, usually without him knowing it. If you're there first you can take out the turrets as they are placed and make use of their long cooldown. Even if spotted, if you can get away you have already set a massive advantage for your team. Heck, even if you die taking them out, often the hunter won't be able to place more in time and allow for an easy rescue. Now, even if you get there late, you can use the bushes for sneaky rescues, well placed bolts to hunter and turret-kind, or well done heals. Something I feel that should be under this section for it's more stealthy approach, is that turrets, while covering 360 degrees of field and a respectable distance, can have blind spots from cover. Many hunters are in a rush to place turrets and don't think about optimal coverage. Terrain plays a factor, but often times there is a well handle position just out of turret sight to give him a sense of security. Just a heads up.

  3. The golden crate. If the hunter has this while the blood post is coming up, your chances drop to near single digit it feels. It allows the hunter to quickly zoom over to anyone that he sees and down them before returning before the post rises, something he otherwise wouldn't feel capable of doing. It allows for constant stun burst spam around the point, interrupting all progress towards rescuing before he can down you. With all this in mind, he is not invincible to special bolts, and an extremely well coordinated cycle of bolts can actually make you forget he even has golden crate powers. While unlikely, a well oiled machine of a team can surpass the advantage of golden crate on the hunter. If you have golden crate, you should have no trouble with turrets or chain CCing the hunter while injecting yourself with so much health you turn into the Iron Man. In short, while the crate usually goes to the hunter for how easily they can obtain it, I feel that in terms of the blood post battles that runners gain a bigger advantage by using it.

  4. Capturing and various distractions. Yeah as much as you may feel the entire team should be there, and more often than not they should there is great merit in capturing points or other tactical advantages. If say, three of your pals are going to rescue, and you only have a special bolt that is already covered, odds are you will not be able to do much outside of help kill a turret because of how the cooldown system is placed. However, some hunters may feel the need to stop you instead of kill your friend, which only helps the blood post battle dramatically. So, if you feel you're adding very little to the rescue effort, just capture points! Now if you find a point that's empty and the bloodpost is starting to activate with a person inside of it, the point isn't worthwhile from the time difference it takes to execute and capture a point. That being said, if you're already capturing, you should have alot more incentive to stay and advance the effort to opening the exits. And if the exits are very close to being opened and you know for a fact you can make it by capturing the point and sacrificing your friend. Do it. It's a win for them as well. Golden crate falls here, but very few hunters will leave a ready to be executed blood post alone to obtain one. The effort isn't worth it. They may leave their nest to go obtain the crate prior to execution time if it comes up, which, if they have them up, is a prime time to kill turrets. Honestly it's all contextual and depends on the situation. This is where game sense and judgement really come into play.

So that's all I can think of at 5:55 am. This may seem like common sense, but the key theme really is teamwork. A lone player has almost no chance to even begin to rescue a blood post hostage, especially if the hunter is armed with a shotgun and turrets, so make sure to try and communicate and set an example for launch and all the newbies.
The more I see runners take advantage of my findings, the more fun blood post fights I can have, and that's all I want.

Happy running.

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