Bloodpost time

I get it, those two turrets and the bully hunter with a shotgun standing over your friend about to be raised up to the cruel world to be executed, and you're just stumped on what to do.
As a hunter main, I've noticed a trick that works 100% of the time.
You ready


In all seriousness there's alot that can be done and I'll go over some of the things I've noticed as a hunter main to maybe try and help people get past this intense time.

  1. use your goshdang darts. In fact nearly every class has a dart that excels at this. The obvious winner goes to the stun bolt for managing to completely interrupt the process of executing and leaving the hunter unable to aim at your buds freeing your teammate. That being said, marking bolts in pubs are good just so you can show everyone exactly where the turrets are to focus fire them, boosting people with a healing and shield bolt before rushing as you kill turrets makes it so no one dies to auto gun-fire, blind makes it so the hunter doesn't know what the heck is happening as all this goes down, and virus is so underrated here I can't stress it enough. Even if your hunter just UNGAs his way through all this and still tries to execute, this bolt makes that near impossible.

  2. Use bushes. I feel like this needs to be said for the entire game, as a whole, but we can discuss how it works in bloodpost time. If you and a few buds take cover in the bushes as he sets up his turrets, you can easily just take them out as soon as they're up from a distance and the rest is cake with a single stun bolt. If they're already up, the obviously getting close to the point in a bush won't do much good. Unless there is a spot that isn't covered. No seriously, when I play runner I notice hunters just throw their turret down in pretty wide locations from each other without thought- sometimes there's a blind spot you can abuse and with the amount of bushes blood posts have, it's a decent chance it's covered by grass. Finally, just being in the grass can obviously give you a sneaky rescue, leaving the poor hunter questioning what went wrong.

  3. Set up shop before the hunter gets there. Often times, if you are hiding in a bush or behind a wall and he puts down a turret and moves about to either put his turret down or camp the post directly, you can actually just take it out without him even figuring out your location. Even if he does notice where you are prior to the post going up, or as your taking out turrets and he decides he wants some of your supple runner flesh, Great! That means if you can distract him long enough, your buddies will get the rescue without a hunter there to heckle them about it. Even if you get down, it's worth it to martyr yourself for the rescue, and if you get away with it? Even better. You wasted time and lived. Even if doesn't secure you the point, being able to take out turrets as they're built is an amazing advantage.

  4. Cap points. No really. Sometimes if you know the rescue squad has the best chance they can get to rescue him, just cap a point and make the hunter feel pressured, and capitalize on a period of time with no hunter interference. This also goes for people not currently capping. The time it takes for a blood post to finish executing someone and the time a single person can cap a point is not in your favor. So if you're not currently capping a point, it's better to join up with the rescue team. If you walk in with bolts you know your team has and contribute nothing to the rescue effort they couldn't do, then that's simply wasted time! You coulda put some progress into A! On the absolute best cases the hunter will even forgo the blood post to try and get you off the point, offering a usually free rescue. This happens usually when it's later in the game where the points matter alot more to a hunter. That being said this could happen at any time, depending on his priorities, confidence, and simply how the match is going. A final point that usually can be left unsaid due to player's intuition but I decided to slap on her for completion's sake, is that if you can spare the death and it assures you opening the exits, then sacrifice him to the robot overlords for your own safety. If he dies as the hunter protects him from no rescue team and you all escape, he wins too. This rarely happens in anything other than a roll on the runner's side, so keep this in mind only when you know you can.

So here's the thing. Notice anything in all these tips?
You need. to work. Together.
A one man rescue operation against a fully set up blood post as it's coming up? Not a chance. He's as good as dead and frankly, if you're the only one that showed up to the party as you see your friend rise from the crust of the synthetic earth, don't bother. No use in dying with him.
But that's just it, you need a partner because the runner side has a valuable asset the hunter can never overcome truly. Numbers. Yes it's frustrating now to see your team ignore someone being executed, or just running at him thinking he'll take the hunter in a fist fight, but that's how early pubs in teams work. I forsee, if runners take the time to think this through and adapt, that I'll have to make a post about securing blood posts for hunters.

Happy running.

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