Tips for handling turrets and mines as a runner?


Sorry for not actually giving tips myself in this topic, but I guess it could benefit runners if someone would provide any here.

Does anyone know an effective way of killing a turret? Do any of the abilities work on a turret?
I guess that it gets highlighted when someone lands a hit on it.
It's also not clear to me why sometimes it's possible to shoot it without it shooting at anyone.

I haven't played against too many mines, but does anyone have a good advice on how their damage can be avoided once you hear that sound of it going off?


  • igorinniigorinni Member

    Actually just found out that torment's "Hunter Reveal Bolt" reveals a turret and shooting from far away doesn't seem to aggro it.

  • M4I3XM4I3X Member

    To destroy a turret you need 5/6 normal arrows, you can also use your ability arrows and only need 3 arrows(the turret only needs to be in the AoE).
    The best way to destroy it is stay out of the range of the turret, if the hunter places a turret near the bloodpost before he is able to execute a runner try to destroy it immediately, if he places the turret after he is able to execute try to get the hunter and the turrets in the AoE so you can damage the turret and distract the hunter.

    Once you triggerd a mine because you are in the AoE you cant really avoid any damage, even a thick wall between you and the mine dont prevent you from losing hp.
    So for now, there is only one way to avoid damage, don't get into the AoE of the mine.

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