Matchmaking takes too long? No problem

When you search a match as runner, its most likely that can long for 5 mins.
You shouldnt waste your time. I tell what you do.
Since there is no reward for completing a match, nor penalty for leaving it. Just leave the match when:

  • You escape/get executed or killed as a runner.
  • There is a runner who leaved the match cuz everyone besides you is downed.
  • You're the hunter and the exits are opened (its most likely you can kill just one before they leave, dont. Just leave)


  • GoodGuyGioGoodGuyGio Member

    Like why would you encurage someone to leave. They started a match in a first place to have fun and not leave half way. It takes time to find match of course, becouse its CLOSED BETA, there aren't many people playing this game. But I would definitely say its worth your time playing if you enjoy it. Also by leaving you ruining game for everyone else if it's mid game. Tho you didin't mention that. Tho hope to not encounter people who leave.

  • FlatopiaFlatopia Member

    Literally told people to leave just because someone else did.
    Unlikely sure, but if you don't try you never know.

    Besides, it's just bad sportsmanship. Instead of encouraging people to leave maybe you should instead tell people what's optimal if someone else on their team leaves. Besides, it's an awful feeling for a runner to unlock the exists only for the match to just end.

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