Hunter tactics that the game doesn't tell you

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First of all we gotta get one thing clear. See that blue lootbox right down there. Yeah, down there to the right. Yeah dont take that.

Here I will present a strategy that will send cold water down the necks of 9/10 runners, and it works 9/10 times too.

  1. Look in the distance, right across you the runners should be starting. Sometimes theres fog and tree's, but in half the cases you can clearly see their starting position. When they run out, notice which way they run first. Runners are with 90% certainty not gonna run right, and then turn left, they are gonna keep going right because going left is gonna be a waste of time. Remember this.

  2. When the countdown is 1 for you, you activate your boost and jump out of top of the door thats filtering down at 0 or T-minus 1(practice the timing). You do this because if you do a boost jump with some distance you dont get the land animation and can keep running, basically making you already half across the map within 2 seconds. If you know where they are, you beeline directly there, but regen your empty stamina meanwhile.

  3. You should quickly either find a straggler or the whole group trying to get all the parts at once, because runners are greedy sacks of meat. Boost jump on top of a lucky chosen one, use your stun and your shotgun and blast him apart.

  4. Hopefully you brought mines, but turrets works too. Plant them near the downed one while looking at them escaping. Now boost jump again to chase the next one. Continue doing this until you hopefully got 3 and can ride the momentum to the sacrifice spot.

  5. If you got a sacrifice on, commit to it, You dont want them to reach max level so they can bully you, at low level they cant feasibly stop your traits yet, and the momentum will keep rolling for you. Begin to shoot objects while hunting.

If you did not get 3, shoot the upgrade stations. Actually, shoot everything you can. If they touch the objects they get revealed and are easy targets for boost jump combo.

You want to shoot objects while moving towards them, and remember you can shoot containers while moving, then reload and interact with them at the same time. Shooting them does NOT make them unusable for yourself.

  1. Take the now spawned golden chest and do super fast T-Bag enhanced moves until they surrender mentally.


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    They really need to purge these no longer relevant posts. I actually tried this method a time or two and here were my results....
    When I could actually tell where they were going, ie did not have a tree in my way, or wasnt a foggy map, I charged right into the thick of things only to find in the 30-40 seconds total from the time that runners had entered to my encountering the first one, they had all their powers, and the runner I ambushed just blinded me and ran off, and their buddies came out of the woodwork and subsequently attacked, and I found myself bullied /stunlocked the entire match. On the few occasions they didn't then rush the objectives and win, I ran out of ammo cause I hadn't stopped to pick any up, and every time I tried to get a box I found myself degenerated / stunned / blinded / concussed and a runner would swoop in and deny. Great strategy.

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    yeah dont listen to that garbage.

  • oh that's interesting

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