Is there any lore or backstory planned or out?


  • I have some lore I got from the livestreams they made, but I didn't write it properly... hope you don't mind that I paste here what I got from them, I got it from website and 2 different streams so I'll paste it here in 3 different sections and you can read through them! Hope it'll help.

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    Set in the near future, Deathgarden is a competitive asymmetric action game where one overpowered hunter needs to hunt down 5 agile runners, whom are trying to complete objectives as a team.

    Each map is procedurally generated within the ‘Garden’, an arena-like complex where runners willingly enter to compete against the champion hunter.
    They get in game for a place and status in society

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    violent agressive future sport in which hunters and runners enter the arena willingly to participate in this event. its global, everyone is taking part of it. it's a part of the fabric of society

    the arenas, the gardens, are always procedurally generated

    skill / choices / teamplay

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    global sport being played in near future everyone plays for status in society

    element where you play and get access to social benefits

    after a terrible war nearly wipes out humanity they try to find better way to go about living they come up with global sport everyone akes part in

    huge complexes filled with arenas that people play in and they participate in society that way

    groundbreaker - who were they?

    how they world came to be the way it is?

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