Sup, my name is Pierce and my friend got me into the game! We are even cosplaying the runners for Anime Expo! I'm really excited to be a part of the beta and I hope to lay with you guys soon!


  • FrostlaseFrostlase Member

    Cosplay for the game would be fun! And welcome to the Garden!

  • did you do it? do you have any pictures of it? I also want to do it with my friend. We spent a lot of time talking about costumes and other cosplay stuff. We already started to make it, I bought materials and my friend sew and decorate it. We are both girls, so we want to hide our hair with under costumes. I bought straightening brush after reading mystraightener blog to style it and hide it because its easier to do with straight hair. We didn't finish yet, but I hope we won't late for Halloween party

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