Any plans to get the game out there?

As most of you know, this game has failed before. That's the entire reason a reboot was done. But unfortunately it seems the same fate awaits it recently. As a dedicated fan I really don't want this game to fail again. So, my question is, any plans to get this game's name out there?

A good idea could be a DBD crossover again. Sort of like the L4D cosmetics. Like, a Legion skin that looks like a DG skin, or a DG skin that looks like The Legion. Or Stalker Huntress, or Huntress Stalker. Or, hell, bring Fog into DBD or something to revive the playerbase. It doesn't even have to be DBD really, just anything that could bring attention to this game.



  • If nothing works anymore, I hope that the Devs will redesign the game so that it is possible, similar to ARK, to host own servers, so that the game, even if only in a small community, lives on.

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    The problem was not the content anymore. But it was terrible announced, almost anyone knows the game.

    I have a suggestion to behaviour.
    DBD recently was added to Xbox Game Pass, so people who has this pass can play it free from Windows Store. I suggest Behaviour brings DG to XGP on PC through the Windows Store, there we can have much more success chances and start growing the player base.

    And remember to announce the game. If there's no advertising, people won't be interested in a unknow game.

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