Any chance we could have a Dev Stream?

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Any chance we could have a Dev Stream? We haven't had one since 12th September (I think). I'd love to hear the latest Deathgarden news. =)


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    I would appreciate that too! The community could give much more information and tips for the game if it's directly discussed with the developers ^^

  • hello guys,

    And they simply repeat the same thing they said when they first introduced them. Honestly Steve looked astonished when Rebecca delivered the community feedback that we don't like that it's killing us. Which for me is only part of the problem, the thing about the fact that they kill us is that it's bullshit in the execution, there's no real fight. We die to the Requiem RNG check. Or because he randomly starts the execution lustystories
    animation on you. You're not low on health for him to trigger that, you're not almost killing each other, he's single handedly killing you whatever you do unless you have all the correct requiem mods!

    thanks and regards

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