Rank names don't give a good idea of how good/bad a player is

The way ranks are named right now, they're pretty confusing. I have no way to know how good a Scavenger is when their rank says "Challenger", and I have no idea how good a Hunter is when their rank is "Unicorn".

I think, for the sake of clarity, the ranks should have a numerical system in addition to the names.


  • EliPerEliPer Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019

    Rank is something related to progression not related to skill.

    If you know the alphabet, then you know the sequence and this is not difficult.

    But I agree that you should be able to see, for example, the proving grounds rank, that is the most close to a skill rank in the game. It is not good to see exactly the skill but can help a little.

  • The ranking system just tracks how majestic you are.

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