Shock variants

Pretty much every Hunter has their own variant on the Shock mechanic. Inquisitor has lower cooldown, poacher larger range ect.

Now with veteran having a totally unique ability besides shock I feel inspired. I propose all Hunters have 2 shock variants much like weapons. I'm unsure if they should be upgradable but I will put down what their MAX strength be.

For the record current base shock is this:

Range = 100%

Damage = 50

CD = 6

Other = Interrupts




Range: 100%

Damage: 1

CD: 5

Other: Reveals Scavangers for 2 seconds


Range: 90%

Damage: 10

CD: 6

Other: Gain 1% Stamina per damage dealt. Interrupts.



Range: 100%

Damage: 50

CD: 4

Other: Interrupts


Range: 100%

Damage: 25 per second

CD: 6

Other: Deals damage continuously over 3 seconds.



Range: 125%

Damage: 30

CD: 6

Other: removes 20% of stamina from Scavs hit. Interrupts.


Range: 100-200%

Damage: 40

CD: 5

Other: May be charged up to 1 second increasing the range the longer the button is held. Interrupts.



Range: 100%

Damage: 70

CD: 6

Other: Interrupts


Range: N/A

Damage: 60

CD: 8

Other: Fires in a narrow cone shape in front of the Hunter. Scavangers hit are stunned for a minimum of 0.25 seconds. The stun length is increased by distance up to a maximum of 3 seconds of hit from literally opposite sides of the map. Interrupts. Can be used while scoped.


  • EliPerEliPer Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019

    This is such a buff for the hunters. Be careful, this may unbalance the game, actually shock is just an auxiliary power.

    Except the stalker that is little dependent of her shock to have success, all the others hunters are completely playable without using the shock. It is something that you can forget that it exists and it wont change so much.

  • goat2019goat2019 Member ✭✭

    Well I'm all for more customisation myself (as long as it's not OP or overly complicated), I would be up for each Hunter keeping the shock that they have at the moment but having the choice to select a different type of shock if they want to.

  • It would be easy to make it not a buff just by tweaking numbers.

    Any problem with the fundamental idea of having more shock variation?

  • EliPerEliPer Member ✭✭

    @NuclearBurrito said:
    Any problem with the fundamental idea of having more shock variation?

    No problem, I just think that it doesn't deserve a lot of attention because it is a background power. The only one that required a change to the shock was Veteran because she is such OP.

    Somethings may be thought to give more options like a perk vendor that could be used to change into different types of shock or even replace it for another ability.

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