Hunter advice

Hi all, I;m newbie. I'm just starting out as hunter. So obviously "improve your aim" is advice, but not what I'm after.
My biggest issue is when five players are in my face, constantly, with all of them using shield and heal. I literally cannot kill them. They don't care. They just stand in a circle at the obelisks, and I empty magazine after magazine into them. All five players. What's the strategy to this? My gun literally doesn't have enough DPS to get through that much shields. More than once I ran out of ammo fighting them. Got a few downs, they get up instantly. How do you fight this?
Is there an effective way to deal with players who refuse to leave one big cluster, or is it just "Hope you manage to hit recycle before the ragdoll animation finishes and they get up"?
Thank you in advace!


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