The Inquisitor Origin

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The Inquisitor always searched for a worthy cause. A cause worthy of his time, his skill, his life. He searched for a cause that would help him transcend his mortality and bring him closer to his destiny as a legendary hunter.

Tomás Guerra finally found his cause when he met Yeva Sushko, the enigmatic yet charismatic leader who assumed leadership of the Collective years ago. She promised to put humanity on a new, righteous path, and he was swayed by her ideas, their monk life-existence, and their aspirations to cleanse the world. When the Pure formed around her, Guerra had finally found his calling.

“Purity of mind, purity of intent, purity of body.”

Through the scarification rituals, the Pure cleansed themselves of unclean thoughts. The scars Guerra bore represented his dedication to the Pure— and are not be confused with battle scars sustained in the Deathgarden. He accepted his arm’s deformity as a testimony to his resilience, declining a 3D-printed hand and favouring a simple prosthetic tool to make wielding weapons easier.

Before becoming the notorious Inquisitor of the Bloodharvest, he used to hunt dissidents bold enough to challenge Sushko. It wasn’t long before she made him the leader of São Paulo Enclave’s Inquisition.

Enemy threats are meticulously killed with a bullet to the head to avoid resurrection. Fallen dissidents have their masks stripped away to be worn by the Inquisitor as a morbid warning to others who should dare cross his path.

The Inquisitor always wore a mask as testament to his selfless dedication to the cause—a faceless weapon of the Sushko machine. Now he captures and unleashes threats in the Deathgarden to hone his skills as a hunter and show his uncompromising devotion to cleansing the world of the impure.


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