Healer arrow reviving...

Can we just talk about how BS this healer arrow to revive is... This is by far the worst part of Deathgarden bloodharvest, the last game I played I had to kill a player a total of 3 times... to kill them because some other dude on scavenger team was acting all guardian angel reviving them the moment I manage to kill them! I found it pretty funny the second time I killed them because they climbed up a tree, I shot them dead and while they were falling to the ground the healer managed to Revive them IN MID AIR!!!

Too many times Ive been wanting to Alt F4 when this gets out of hand (Ive never actually quit mid game as a hunter... Im a better person than that) But I feel that if this isnt something thats removed, or at least nerfed, I feel that my activeness in this games days are numbered.

The whole thing is just awkward when it happens I down someone, they get shot by a cupid arrow and im just standing there awkwardly right next to them watching as they slowly get back up and then just run off like HAHA SUCKER!

The healer arrow idea is good for the game in general but using them to revive the moment they get down, Nah too OP, especially when you're against a group of 5 who may or may not be in a discord chat who dont even play the game as its supposed to and just run around me as the hunter TRYING to bully me thinking they can just be immortal, It is pretty funny ultimately beating them at their own game, (even shock killing 2 scavengers at once) but this isnt how the game is meant to be played.

Make it so that Healer arrows wont be able to revive untill like 5 seconds after getting downed then at least if the hunter loses track of their kill like they hid in a bush or something THEN I think its fine for arrows to revive.


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