What is cognitive disorder?

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Cognitive disorder is a type of health disorder that affects cognitive abilities including learning ability, concentration, memory and problem solving.

Cognitive disorders are identified and assessed by the lack or inaccuracy and effectiveness of carrying out the main activities of specific cognitive functions such as executive, learning and memory functions. cognitive skills, language, attention and social awareness.

According to statistics, every year in the world about 24 million people have the manifestations of cognitive disorders from mild to severe. This figure shows that this is not a strange disease, any of us can be its victim.
The brain is the central organ that regulates every function of the body including cognitive function, so when the brain has problems such as abnormalities, pathology, or injury, it will lead to functional impairment. brain, typically cognitive disorders.

Cognitive disorders can affect patients temporarily or permanently, if detected promptly and with appropriate treatment, patients can have positive changes.


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