Patch: 0.1.6: Gold Rush

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Hey hunters and scavengers!

The newest patch is upon us. All the information you need is detailed below.

New Feature: Gold Rush

Our main addition in this patch is the new 1800s-inspired Gold Rush map. Amid the mine’s galleries, you must master every corner if you want to hide or to find your prey.

The map is a desert with a hurricane slowly falling on you. The lessen visibility caused by the weather’s elements adds a certain atmosphere to it.

Biome: Desert
Weather: In the eye of the hurricane
Garden elements: Wood cart, windmill, water tower, mine shafts, mine carts, crates, barrels.

New Features & Improvements


Gameplay: Daily Challenges

- Daily challenges called ‘’Domination’’ are added to the game.
- Both scavenger and hunter have their own challenge.
- The Daily Challenge is ‘’Dominate [1] Game(s)’’. 

UI: Notification When Something Can Be Bought

- When going back to the Locker Room, players will see a notification sign above both the Upgrade and Cosmetic Vendors when something can be bought. 

Improvement: Modified Character Outlines to Help Players with CVD issues

- Modified character outlines to helpmak them more obvious.

Localization: New Announcer Reverb

- The announcer’s localization files have a new reverb processing.


Audio: New Abductor SFX

- The abductor’s SFX includes a more techno touch and a deeper sound to add to the immersion.

Tombstone: New Ambience SFX

- Tombstone has more ambient sounds to enhance its atmosphere and to better define its mood. 


Immersion: Custom Stun Animation

- Each hunter has its unique hand animation when using the stun ability. 

Audio: New character sound environment

- Each hunter has new, tailored circumstantial sounds instead of generics.


Gameplay: Heal Bolt Arrow Trail Duration Increased

- The heal bolt arrow trail duration length is doubled.
- Design Goal: The intent is to make healers more easily to track.

Gameplay: ‘Code Optimization’ Perk Increase Collection Modified

- Dash’s ‘Code Optimization Perk’ now increases the collection speed of blood instead of health/ammo/power core crates.

Immersion: Custom Interaction Animations

- Each scavenger has a custom interaction animation.

Fixed Issues

[Fixed][Crash][Locker Room] Crash occasionally occurs when returning to the Locker Room after completing a match.
[Fixed][Garden][Blowout][VFX] Lightning issue occurring in Blowout.
[Fixed][Garden][Fire in the Sky] Sometimes, Blood Piles spawn really close to each other in Fire in the Sky.
[Fixed][Cosmetic Vendor][Stalker] The Stalker’s arm bents unnaturally in Character Select and Cosmetic Vendor screens.
[Fixed][Cosmetic Vendor][Controller] Crash may occur when switching rapidly between the Character Select and the Cosmetics menu when using a controller.
[Fixed][Scavenger][Garden][Dust and Blood] Crawling scavengers cannot move over the last step of the Dust and Blood’s landmark stairs.
[Fixed][Perk] Perks are displayed in the incorrect order.
[Fixed][Character Select][Controller] Players are able to switch between roles while in the View Info menu when using a controller.

Edit: Please note that the following fixed issue was mistakenly added to the Gold Rush Patch. The fix will come in a future hotfix.
[Scavengers][Perk] Dash's 'Code Optimization' and Switch's 'Toil Together' perks stacked at maximum level while they should not. 


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