Bugged Clones

NajemniczkasNajemniczkas Member ✭✭

As much as I love clones, I've noticed there is no point in using them as they're bugged. To be more specific, their movement is bugged.
Sometimes I see those clones flying or running-moonwalking with lightning speed out of the edge. While it is funny to see them do that sometimes, it's also annoying cuz it's easy to tell for the killer that it's a clone. A bugged one.
Today one of the clones rolled-jumped and flew up. Kind of like the bug that was in Overwatch with Brigitte, when she hit a corner with her shield bash - she could fly up really high.
I can't really provide a video proof of this bug, but I'm sure it's quite easy to reproduce just by using the Clones in a match.

Just your friendly Scavenger Main Nayeh.

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