T1 looking for more competitive players.

Hello all, I'm Manta from the competitive clan called T1 and we are looking for more players who enjoy playing competitively.

We have been around since the early access launch and have had practice/scrims on a weekly basis with our EU and NA teams. We use voice comms on Discord, use team compositions, follow strats and most importantly we want to actively improve in each practice session. We evaluate every match and every death in the post-lobby. We are friendly individuals with a strong non-toxicity policy. Above all, we enjoy playing together.

We also have LFG channels and host private matches against the best hunters such as Wyvyrias, SeoulTea, Zmilee.
A homemade ranked system is also in the progress.

If this sounds interesting to you, DM me for more details or leave a message below.


  • damendamen Member

    Hello Manta, I recognize you from the discord.
    As someone who loves playing games competitively, I'm 100% down for this.
    My discord name is either "tohmo#1111" or "damen#1111", if you can't find it I'll dm you.


  • krudekrude Member

    This is awesome. At the moment I'm much better a Hunter than Scavenger, but I want to join something like this when I get better.

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