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Hey everyone!

We’re up and running with our third content update patch. We’ve received a lot of feedback since Fire in the Sky and we want to thank you for that.

We plan to keep improving Deathgarden with frequent updates, so today we’re introducing a new scavenger, as well as the Mercy mechanic.


Default Vambrace Power: Speed Boost—Augments any scavenger’s sprint speed for a few seconds upon impact.

Dash is a speed freak who can push himself and his teammates into overdrive. His primary power grants an immediate boost to speed, giving scavengers a chance to escape before the hunter closes in.

“Freedom waits for no one. You have to run it down and take it.” –Darius “Dash” Shaw

To read more about his story:

Dash is available for 1,600 Iron at the character station.

We’ve heard the community feedback about instant executions. Affectionately called instacute, we agree that this mechanic is punitive and that it limits the fun of playing with friends. In the last patch, Fire in the Sky, we changed the XP value of executions as an incentive for hunters to down scavengers rather than executing them. We felt that our first changes to the XP value were on the right track—the number of downs leading to deaths decreased by over 10%—but it wasn’t enough. Some hunters were still executing on their first down, no matter the XP values and incentives not to do so. We’re constantly working on meeting halfway with the community and the design intent. We want to make sure that all games of Deathgarden are as fun as possible for every player. With that in mind, we decided to add the recycling mechanic.
How it works:

Every scavenger now has 1 extra life. That means scavengers cannot be executed on their first down in a match. They must first be shown mercy by the hunter.

When approaching a scavenger that has yet to be recycled, the hunter must recycle the downed scavenger. When recycled, a scavenger respawns in the Ready Room, and can enter the garden again—that means no blood, no vambrace, and the usual number of bolts. Any blood carried before being recycled will be lost.

On the other hand, when approaching a scavenger that has been recycled at least once, the hunter has the choice to recycle or execute and remove them from the match.
• Execution: 500 XP
• Recycling: 500 XP
• Down: 400 XP
• NOTE: Execution bonuses have been removed
'Ring outs'
• 1st time - auto 'Recycle'
• 2nd time - auto 'Execute'
'Bleed outs'
• 1st time - auto 'Recycle'
• 2nd time - auto 'Execute'
Blood Mode
• hunters can always execute scavengers in Blood Mode, even if they have yet to be 'recycled'

With the new mechanic in mind, the design intent for the latest changes is to restore balance and encourage chases.


Game Health: New Report Button
• A report button is now available in the post-match screen
o You can report a player for the following:
 Player/Dev Impersonation
 Inappropriate name/Language
 Hacking/Exploiting
 Griefing/Toxic Behavior
 Leaving game/AFK
 Other (please specify)

Game Health: HUD Modification- hunter Username Removed
• hunter’s username has been removed from the in-game HUD
Design goal: Reduce the instances of leaving the game when seeing a familiar username


Gameplay/Balance: hunter Interaction Timings Have Been Reduced
• Drone activation, and all crate collection times have been reduced by ~40%
Design goal: Improve the Hunter’s experience by encouraging the actions of tracking, chasing and killing.

Gameplay/Balance: Improved hunter Stamina Management
• Stamina regeneration cooldown reduced (2.7)s → (2.2)s
• Supercharge activation cost reduced to 0
• Note: Stamina is still consumed at the same rate when using Supercharge
Design goal: Improve the hunter’s mobility and experience.

Gameplay/Balance: hunters Can Now See Scavengers Longer When Revealed by a Drone
• Increased length of drone 'Reveal' VFX on Scavengers after they exit the reveal zone (.5)s → (1)s
Design goal: Improve the reward for hunters when they activate a drone, and make it easier for them to track and engage chases with scavengers.

Balance: The Stalker’s ‘Auto-Hack’ Unique Bonus Buff
• The Stalker: 'Auto-Hack' Unique Bonus range increased (2)m → (4)m
o Note: Hacking time is the same for ‘Auto-hack’ and manual hacking
Design Goal: Bring back the value of The Stalker’s Unique Bonus, as it was significantly lowered with the Hacking changes from the previous patch.

Balance: Swap between The Stalker and The Inquisitor’s Perks
• The Stalker’s ‘Stunning’ Perk and The Inquisitor’s ‘Hacker’ have been switched from one character to the other.
o The Stalker now has ‘Hacker’ and The Inquisitor now has ‘Stunning’
Design Goal: ‘Stunning’ and ‘Power Stomp’ used in tandem by The Stalker was a very powerful combination. Instead of reducing the value of either Perks, and lowering their value, we decided to change it to another character.
Note: Challenge progress on the Perks carry over to the new Character. No progress will be lost.

Comfort: New hunter Settings for Added Comfort
• Added a ‘Hold’ option for Supercharge in the settings
• Note: Default setting is still ‘Toggle’
Design Goal: Some people didn’t toggle off their Supercharge, draining their Stamina to the ground. We want to offer an alternative and make it more accessible for players.


Gameplay/Balance: Scavenger Domination’s Blood Delivery Requirement Increased
• Blood delivery: scavenger Domination conditions have been increased from (125) → (140)

Gameplay/Balance: Dash’s ‘Heat Shimmer’ Effect Still Occurs With ‘Active Camo’
• When affected by ‘Active Camo,’, Dash’s ‘Heat Shimmer’ effect occurs, even when not evading or firing his vambrace

Gameplay/Balance: scavengers Can Now Use ‘Clone’ on Allies
• ‘Clone’ can now clone other scavengers when they are hit with the powered bolt

Balance: ‘Ammo Opportunist’ Perk Buff
• Fog’s ‘Ammo Opportunist’ max bolt has been increased (25) → (30)

Progression: scavenger XP Income Increase
scavenger XP gain has been buffed:
• Playtime: (5) → (20) (ticks every 60 secs)
• Blood Deposit (65) → (75)
• Blood Collect (10) → (15)
• Danger Close (25) → (50)
• Escape Garden with Blood (20) → (40) (per Blood)
• Escape Chase (200) → (250)

Design goal: There was a discrepancy between hunter and scavenger XP. We decided to increase the amount of XP earned by scavengers rather than decreasing it for hunters, as the time taken to prestige a hunter would have been impacted.

Animation: Run Landing Animation Improvements
• Added more weight to scavenger run landing animation


Comfort: Reduced the Start of Match Countdown Timer
• Reduced start of match countdown timer (30)s → (10)s

VFX: Blood VFX Enhanced
• VFX for 'Blood Veins' when blood is being delivered has been increased in intensity
• VFX for blood that spawns when hitting a scavenger has an increased intensity/volume

Design goal: Improve the experience on certain lightning schemes that made it hard to see some blood VFX.

Level Design: Altered a Structure Preventing Execution
• Modified a structure that was still allowing scavengers to avoid Execution by hiding from the hunter's Execution distance

Audio: Updated Sound Effects
• Updated the sound effects callbacks in animations to improve immersion. Circumstantial sounds will play when performing actions (ex. Combat Roll will sound different when evading on sand vs grass)

Audio: Updated Announcer Voice Over
• Updated reverb for the announcer voice over (work in progress)

We realize that the sum of these changes will result in less ‘Dominations’ on both sides. Our design goal is to make the aspect of ‘Domination’ more meaningful, therefore rarer. This means not every team of scavengers or hunters will be able to dominate the Garden easily.


[Fixed][Gameplay] Shock exploit allowing hunters to farm XP from dead scavengers
[Fixed][Art] Prestige skins are displaying incorrectly on some characters
[Fixed][Challenges] Using vambrace power while the unlimited Golden Crate is active will not progress the ‘Spend Power Cores’ challenge


Provide a way for Hunters to know whether a Scavenger has/has not been Recycled before in the match. Our current idea is to modify the color of the Scavenger's health bar when they are hit by Hunter Weapons.
• Design Goal: provide more Hunter context, help them make better decisions and make them feel (slightly) more in control.
Blood Mode: Executions in this mode do not include a (5)s interaction time
• Design Goal: waiting for an Execution while Scavengers run out of the Exits, isn't fun nor tense for either side


  • shared_l00tshared_l00t Member

    Sweet! Looks fun! Can't wait to try this new recycle mechanic. Although those hunter buffs are pretty strong, hopefully it'll balance it out with 1 extra life

  • VinoVino Member

    Wow! This patch is amazing really. When I just play as hunter, I can just keep recycling the scavengers until blood mode starts and then execute whoever I find :cookie:

  • FunspaxxFunspaxx Member

    i can clone my friend, so i have more friends! YES!

  • I honestly feel after playing a bunch matches on both sides as hunter and survivor being a master rank hunter, and around diamond scavenger, is that it is sort of hard to keep track of the scavengers after they have been recycled. I like the mechanic. I really do. being able to recycle them into the game and keep it going is actually fun. It allows you to test your skill and see if you can do it again, and plus makes you rank higher and higher with better rewards to upgrade yourself. However, it can be difficult to keep up with the scavengers after you've downed 4-5 people. its time consuming. As a scavenger i love it so if i mess up completely in the first 30 seconds, i have one more shot to help my team or i'm done. Its not that bad a a whole as a mechanic because you can spawn in revealed under the drones so the hunter can keep tabs on you.
    That being said, I want to be able to dominate as a hunter completely. Which before the update, that's what all the matches would've turned out to be. But i didn't because I couldn't execute people. Its not that i could not defeat the scavengers who were well coordinated, it was because that specific person I did not down before. In my opinion this needs a tweak.

    What if your extra life is only applied to the first 3 people downed so if you get downed early you can an extra shot at still getting out, and/or only within the first couple of minutes? Then you can be executed after either of those quotas have been met. Like in the old deathgarden before you could use the bloodpost you needed three downs. Why not still use that? First three people downed get those extra lives and can only be recycled, and if they are revived, the scavenger team keeps that life and within the first couple of minutes of the match. After that timer has passed or that quota has been met, everyone else can be downed then executed right then and there. I feel like that would put even more fear into the hunter.
    I like the mechanic, as i stated before. It is a good one. I just feel it needs to be tweaked a little more.
    I also like the bloodpost increase, and the interaction speed increase. I love being able to zip around like a maniac while picking up crates and the bloodpost increase makes it so the scavengers need to work harder. I dare say about 150 should be the number of blood, but that's my opinion. Let me know what you think!

  • seir_seir_ Member
    edited July 2019

    EDIT: not applicable anymore

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